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Furniture can not be separated from the handle. In contemporary, the handle is not only a functional role, but also plays a decorative role. The mainly knob are single hole knobs,double hole knobs,round knobs,square knobs,rectangular knobs,oval knobs, ear shaped knob and so on. Its manifestation is ever-changing. American pseudo-classic style Furniture Handle, Nameplate, Furnishing, Slide, Plastic, Caster, Hinge, Hardware, Screw and Nut and other home furniture hardware accessories.

Contemporary cabinet handle

Crystal drawer knob
American Ring-pull Handle

Dark Antique Avandale Pull


China International Furniture Fair, China(Guangdong)International Furniture Machinery&Material Fair. Our customers from Europe and the United States, Africa and Southeast Asia, which among the best in the industry sales statistics so can be to meet their purchasing needs.

Good qualities products let them took cooperation witrh us.


About Us

Dongguan Hoone Hardware Company was founded in 1997 and specializes in metal processing, manufacturing and production. Two major production bases in China and Vietnam, Now the domestic factory is located in Dongguan and Huizhou City, the foreign factory is located in Vietnam, Dongguan with a sales center.Each factory has grown into a collection of die-casting,polishing, pressing, welding, painting, electroplating.


20 Years Development Experience
8 Factories In Vietnam
10,000 Product Molds
Standard And Professional Color
Customization Products As Demand
Sample Confirmed Before Mass Producing
Support Exchanged Export Country 

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