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Updated by Ed Baines: at 05: 49 on August 26, 2010, Le Creuset ironware has always been the ultimate kitchen accessory.
But with so many high street stores producing their own \"tribute\" series, is it really worth paying for the originals?
Ed Burns, a chef at Soho\'s Randall & Aubin restaurant, tested casserole dishes and grill pans. . .
Round casserole of dengbi cast iron, £ 60, square grid pan of cast iron, £ 40.
Available in Denby. co.
The cooking and taste of both the UK and Argos do not meet my standards.
The bottom of the casserole is uneven, so the oil \"hot spots\" collected in the swimming pool at high temperatures make the food not cooked evenly.
Although the large baking tray with a large spacing Grill \"marked\" should be the ideal choice for meat, the defects in casting mean that the meat will be rolled in the ditch.
Design and features: the shape and color of the casserole are lovely but heavy.
The best pot is made of lighter and thinner iron that perfectly distributes heat evenly.
The side handle on the casserole is narrow and hard to catch, and the stainless steel knob becomes very hot.
Value for money: the quality of the paint is OK, but, in design, the casserole is not much different from some cheaper options, and the baking tray is a style, not a substance. Overpriced.
Casserole 5/10 pot 4/10 Lakeland cast iron casserole 39.
99, baking pan, 24.
99 cooking and taste: the ingredients of my bean casulai turn yellow quickly and evenly in the dishes and keep the heat well.
Perfect for stewed meat as well.
The grill is also great.
Vegetables cooked without drying, kept all the flavor, plus a lovely, dirty, smoked flavor.
Design and features: they are all done very well, just like the Le Creuset pot, cooking is great.
Very nice casserole handlewide, easy-to-
Keep and integrate-
Griddle also has the benefit of an extra carry handle.
My only criticism is that the casserole is small for a family dinner.
Value for money: Great.
A few miles lower than the others.
Expensive jars and offers a lot of design features to compete with Le Creuset.
Lakeland thought about what the chef really needed.
Can I take these home?
Casserole 8/10 pot 10/10-
Different cast iron casserole, £ 30, baking tray, £ 20 (
Starting next month in orange)
Cooking and taste: the casserole is too heavy to pick up even without food, I find the bottom is very uneven so the heat distribution is not very good.
But the pork chops in the baking tray are very good.
The texture is very thin, and the ribs are cooked evenly and not sticky.
Design and features: Orange is similar to the traditional Le Creuset, which does give the casserole a \"quality\" look.
But the manufacturing is clumsy and basic, the color is uneven and the chip is small.
The baking tray did get extra points because it was painted with paint.
And extra hands.
Value for money: basic goods at basic prices
You certainly didn\'t get anything extra.
I\'m not sure if I\'ll buy casserole, but the baking pan is a perfect addition in your kitchen cabinet.
Casserole 6/10 pot 7/10 KITCHENCRAFTMolten cast iron round casserole, children\'s,
Square baking tray for 95 and 29. 95.
Available when KitchenCraft. co.
Cooking and tasting in the UK and independent retailers: The casserole is well made and is of the right size, but I don\'t like the casserole.
There was an inch of a pot with no ridges on the edge, and the oil collected there burned my meat.
Design and features: deep red is stylish and made of quality material, but few details ruin the pot and make it a nightmare to use.
The handle on the side is too small and the lid is not too tight.
The forging of the dry pot marks on the pan is uneven and very heavy.
Value for money: Avoid the pot if you don\'t have a strong grip.
No matter what you cook in it, the grill will be ruined.
Casserole 5/10 baking tray 2/10 house of FRASERLinea cast iron casserole, £ 35 (was £70)
And a baking tray of 17 (£34)
Cooking and taste: this pot has a lot of classic \"cream\" cooking features and I am happy with the well
Seasoning results
Thick bottom, perfect for slow cooking or roasting at high temperatures.
But I think it\'s ridiculous to grind haromi cheese slices into a dry pot.
The heat distribution is terrible, there is no excess fat flowing out, the cheese is just stuck in the pan.
I like the color.
The pot has beautiful aesthetic grooves and safetyfitting lid.
But as far as the baking pan is concerned, it is very heavy, the material is of poor quality and there is no way to drain the excess oil.
Value for money: on the sales price, the value for money in casserole dishes.
But I am not willing to buy this pot at any price.
Casserole 6/10 frying pan 3/10 TESCOFinest cast iron soup pot blue casserole, 35, frying pan, 20 cooking and taste: the enamel coating on the bottom of the casserole pot is seriously uneven, these defects have a direct effect on the taste of anything you cook.
For example, the soup is soon burned with onions.
The grill is even worse and very heavy.
Design and features: these dishes are just pieced together with cheap materials and I\'m not sure how long they will last.
I only like the handle, both of which are easy to catch.
Value for money: everything has been done to ensure the price is as low as possible.
Even if the cost is so low, it is not worth it.
Spend 5 more in Lakeland.
Casserole 3/10 baking tray 2/10 LE CREUSETCasserole, £ 119, square Grillit, £ 52.
Available at John Lewis and independent retailers.
Cooking and taste: my bean casulai tastes exactly the same as I would like --
But with Le Creuset, you know it will.
On the pan, the baking pan line is wider apart, which gives me the ideal line-to-meat ratio when cooking a hip steak.
Design and features: the design of the pan is perfect.
The larger handle is easier to hold, the lid fits perfectly, the base is smooth, the cast iron is of high quality, and the classic color looks great.
Personally, though, I think the grill is too big and too much trouble.
Value for money: this is the volume-
Royce of the pot, it will last your whole life.
Consider it as an investment.
But I prefer the Lakeland grill.
Half the price.
Casserole 9/10 pot 6/10-
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