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2016 ram promaster cargo 1500 - long term review

by:Hoone      2020-04-14
2016 Ram Promaster cargo 1500-
For those of us who ride motorcycles besides for fun, the concept of driving four motorcycles
Wheel vehicles are actually annoying.
Of course, if the above-mentioned vehicles are used for the express purpose of transporting motorcycles,.
Whether we ship the car to the track or our
Our favorite OHV area has a plated dirt bike and a powerful and reliable tractor is worth the hassle.
Enter the 2016 Ram Promaster cargo carrier.
For most of 2016, the RideApart editorial team has been shipping, shipping and returning almost all types of motorcycles and scooters across California in Ram Promaster 1500.
The convenient porter pulled 18-
The foot trailer is loaded with dirty bikes and when we camp on its tracks it\'s a home away from home --
During the weekend motorcycle race, the Pabst Blue Belt Boy was even tasted at the mechanical bull Athletic.
We tested this flexible van on almost every motorcycle.
Despite some complaints about ergonomic and door hardware, the 2016 Promaster\'s low bed height, spacious cargo capacity and
We chose the town maneuver.
For months, we have been collecting dust in a big black van. As our long-
The term loan is coming to an end and it is understatement to say that we are experiencing some separation anxiety. Our long-
The word Promaster is a 1500-meter low roof modelsized 136-
Inch wheel seat (
It also provides a shorter 118-
Inch length 159
WB version).
Optional equipment highlights include: Mopar roadside condoms, electronic vehicle tracking system, side wall ring, driver suspension seat, integrated GPS, sliding doors with colored windows on both sides of truck drivers and passengers, backup camera and trailer package.
The first thing that impressed us about this van was its euro. looking cab-
Styling forward, it makes sense because Ram Promaster is a redesignedbadged U. S.
The Fiat Ducato version is sold overseas.
Fiat is of course the parent company of Chrysler.
Promaster\'s huge front window, front seat placed forward and narrow, tall pose make it veryAmerican looks.
This is an advantage for us, but some domestic van enthusiasts may be delayed for its appearance.
Three of our Promaster\'s interiors
Rear seat for passengers.
We liked the idea of being able to transport bikes and passengers, but soon found out that keeping a back seat meant that there was not enough space for even a bike.
So, they came out. it\'s a tool.
A heavy punch, a charge quickly re-think any
Install the seat if needed.
Our Promaster is here too.
With three
Includes rack tool racks for locking removable tool drawers and customizable storage drawers.
The tool system is perfect for storing any type of toy, bike parts and gears, as well as a removable drawer for moving what you need.
A minor drawback of the rack unit is that it occupies about 18 inch of the precious motorcycle space from the position on the rear passenger side wheel.
In the end, however, the extra benefits of the tool rack outweigh the space it takes up.
Traction load: it did the best when we first loaded and towed the motorcycle, we only wanted some better ties
Point down in front of the van.
However, after a slightly impromptu performance, the rear installation points of the driver and passenger seats played a role.
The van was not specifically designed for motorcycle transport and was not equipped with a front wheel bracket.
But after more improvisation
The foot length Board of 4x4 is well mounted on the truck floor behind the cockpit, a fixed place to support two front wheels forwardfacing bikes.
The biggest feature of Ram Promaster 1500 is that its bed height is very low, which is the bestin-its-
Class on the 21 inch floor from the ground.
The low bed eliminates most of the pressure to load and unload expensive motorcycles, eliminating the need to put the s step in the back of the van.
More importantly, when you find yourself having to load the van on your own.
The 2016 Ram Promaster 1500 provides 304 cubic feet of storage behind the driver and passenger seats.
Even with the option of a low roof height, moving and securing the cargo becomes more convenient, with window sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle.
The back door of the van is mounted on the swivel hinges so that they can be opened all the way, so they do not stand in the way and are loaded against the side of the van.
In the course of our loan, we did encounter reliability problems with sliding doors and back door handles.
The side door sometimes takes a few pulls to open, and the main door handle at the back almost stops working at the end of our test, asking us to have to open it from inside the van.
On the Road, Promaster is essentially a large box with wheels and is an easy-to-handle car in a small space.
The visibility in front is very good, and the windows on the back door and sliding door make the space consciousness very good.
It\'s easier to manipulate Promaster in a tight space
Closest sensor and highquality back-up camera.
Plus the smooth six.
Speed automatic transmission and curbto-
Corner radius 40.
7 feet Promaster is a non-barrier-free vehicle
Professional truck driver
When driving at high speed, we found that Promaster had two different character of manipulation: empty van and loading van.
The first is good: when our Promaster is planted on the road.
Driving on the highway, it is easy to stay in the lane and not too much affected by the side wind.
However, there is no confidence in driving an empty van.
When not hindered, the mid-sized suspension makes the rear wheels feel like they are jumping from time to time, and in the huge side wind, there is little chance of keeping the lane on the highway.
When the angle of the turn is a bit difficult, the equipped electronic shake reduction system does start, but we prefer to drive a loaded van on an empty van.
The comfortable interior and finish are practical but not simple.
Integrated GPS, Uconnect communication systems and handheld devices
The free phone system works well, and conveniences like satellite radios and leather wrapped steering wheels make you feel like you\'re driving something better than a box van.
Comfort from the driver\'s seat does leave a little bit of attention.
Because taxi-
Forward position, driving position at the top of the steering column.
You feel like you press the brake and accelerator pedal on the floor instead of in front of the firewall.
So you can never stretch your legs completely.
Moving the seat completely backwards still does not open any legroom and does not leave the steering wheel too far to drive comfortably for a long time.
There are several engine configurations in the United States for engines and engines: our lender is 280-
Hp V6, but also 174-
Four hp turbo diesel.
There are six engines in both.
Automatic Speed and frontwheel drive.
While you won\'t burn 25 miles on Promaster, there are 3 miles of theRam. 6-
The rising Pentastar V6 will be in the non-too-shabby 8. 1 seconds.
The van was traveling comfortably at the speed of the highway and we found that we could go from a filler to a range of 380 miles --up of the 24-gallon tank.
The front wheel drive provides robust operation when the surface becomes smooth, but it does require some traction points when transporting heavy trailers.
Finally, even though we have lived for six months in Ram Promaster 1500, we regret to see it disappear.
Despite its shortcomings, it turned out to be an amazing motorcycle Porter.
Keeping the safety of some of the beautiful bikes we ship every week is a huge advantage, which scares us back to the old pickup truck program.
The basic MSRP price for the Ram Promaster 1500 model is: $30,170.
Equipment: $38,640.
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