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3 steps to choose the right kitchen cupboard handles

by:Hoone      2020-04-22
When you\'re looking for a handle for your next kitchen project, it\'s hard to make a choice.
There are many different types of cabinet drawers with a wide variety of materials, colors and finishes.
However, any good kitchen designer will take the time to find the right handle, but unless they have a custom design and a budget that comes with it, they will have to do a wider range of work.
If you know what to look for, it\'s much easier to narrow down your options and get a handle that can meet almost all your needs.
Here are three steps you can follow to choose the right kitchen cabinet handle. 1. Knob or Pull?
It all depends on personal preference, and the knob and pull look great in your kitchen.
Of course, the actual design of both options must fit your kitchen design, so it\'s a good idea to double check them before committing to purchase.
Hold Your Hand in your hand;
Do they think the shape and size of your project is appropriate?
Put them on the cabinets you\'re interested in and see how they fit together.
If you can\'t make a decision between the knob or the pull, you\'ll love everything.
If you want to break the consistency of the overall kitchen look, you can create additional interest by combining the knob and the pull.
In general, the knob on the door looks better and the handle on the drawer looks better. 2. Which Material?
Most modern cabinet hardware on the market is made of metal alloys.
If you use brass hardware, it usually has a plating or paint finish on its surface to make it durable and suitable for use in the kitchen.
The bronze kitchen hardware has a classic look and is ideal in a kitchen that uses thicker wood cabinets.
Brass and bronze hardware has antibacterial properties that help prevent the spread of bacteria in the kitchen area.
There are other popular options such as nickel, pewter and stainless steel before making the final choice.
If you really want a traditional look that doesn\'t use brass or bronze, take a look at the Crystal or glass knobs and feel the retro style. 3. Which Finish?
Once you have a better idea of the type of kitchen cabinet handle you want, it will be much easier to choose the finish.
There are a variety of cabinet hardware finishes to choose from, such as: drawing, polishing, satin, matte, antique, gloss, oil wipe and polishing.
The finish you choose will have a dramatic impact on the visual appeal of the kitchen cabinet hardware you choose and should not be underestimated.
As a broad guideline, more traditional finishes will fit into the kitchen of antique style and vice versa.
Sometimes, mixing materials and finishes can have dramatic effects and should be explored if you feel bold.
If they are looking for cabinet handles for Perth residents, the property manager should contact us at the kitchen door to see our wide selection.
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