a quick look at the fireking 3-2144-2 2 hour vertical file filing cabinet

by:Hoone      2020-05-24
The FireKing 3-2144-
The 2-hour vertical filing cabinet is the ultimate choice for fire record protection.
This is the only American.
One month for building insulation-
Hourly fire and impact rating. . .
FireKing 3-2144-
The 2-hour vertical filing cabinet is the ultimate choice for fire record protection.
This is the only American.
One month for building insulation-
Hours of fire and impact rating in the Underwriters Laboratory.
This is because they were made with a thermal battery II. ©A proprietary insulating material that provides twice the protection of other brands.
There are letters and legal dimensions. A UL-listed high-
Safe Medeco®The key lock is standard.
There are nine standard colors to choose from.
Additional charges may apply for custom completion orders.
The fire insulation material is 100% gypsum, strengthened by 14-1 \"by 2\"
Specifications galvanized welded steel wire to provide complete peace of mind from fire, impact or explosion.
If any panel is damaged, the steel plate that can be replaced on site can be easily replaced.
The finish is eco-friendly
Suitable for friendly electrostatic powder coating on all sides including bottom.
The finish is scratch-resistant and offers a lifelong quality look.
The drawer body is built with high sides for hanging folders
No additional frames are required.
Drawer suspension is maintained free of charge and guaranteed service life.
Drawer lock on all files by standard key lock or UL provide general lock for all drawers®-listed high-security locks.
* Drawer surface mount, allowing extra insulation inside the drawer head.
The insulation between all drawers makes each drawer a separate insulating container. 2-
The position drawer handle allows access to certain drawers while other drawers remain locked.
The drawer head is made of welded steel, filled with fire-proof insulation and can be replaced on site.
Laboratory of underwriters®(UL®)
Fire and impact levels for all filing cabinets.
See for details.
Quick overview * 3-2144-
2 2 file cabinets * 3 drawers * letter or legal width * underwriter lab level 350 2-hr.
Insulation recording container * impact grade of insurer laboratory * Medeco®Listed key lock insurer labs for resistance to pick-up and drilling * all fire protection files are designed to prevent water damage caused by sprinklers and fire hoses. FireKingManuf Part 3 additional information manufacturer2144-2Model 3-2144-2Weight 651.
Size 43 0000. 5\"H x 21. 31\"W x 32.
06 \"estimated delivery date 3-
5-day warranty 3-year limited warranty, lifetime warranty (Exterior)Dimensions 43. 5\"H x 21. 31\"W x 32. 06\"DInner (Interior)Dimensions 11. 81\"H x 15.
25 \"wx26\" DLock type key lock fire rating UL 2-
Hours of fire fighting and impact RatedNumber shelf month with lock drawer cabinet YesWater resistance is the hustle and bustle of the City of New York, single Machinery Co. , Ltd. is the FireKing month of authorized dealers-2144-
2 Vertical filing cabinets for 2 hours.
With our unique contract, we can ship directly from the manufacturer\'s warehouse, reduce the cost and provide the lowest price.
We strive to provide the best service at the lowest possible price.
We have product experts for most products.
Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.
We have a knowledgeable staff and we look forward to meeting your needs.
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