Any Cabinet Handle Suppliers factories instead of trading companies recommended?
The factories of Cabinet Handle Suppliers are those involved in the manufacturing directly and delivering the products from the factories. Under this, the price may be a litter lower than those from the trading companies, and the after-sales service may also be better. The recommendation is based on the production capacity and business scale. Guangdong KaiYi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is such a factory. We also have many partner factories to support the large-quantity orders. But please rest assured! The partners process the same materials from the same suppliers and operate the same production facilities, and the after-sales service is provided by ourselves.

As a big knobs and handles manufacture in China, Kaiyi has always kept its leading position in the industry since its establishment. kitchen cabinet door handles is one of Kaiyi's multiple product series. It is necessary for Hoone to change with the fashions to design furniture handles. All products of Hoone are environmental-friendly and healthy. This product, featuring easy operation, helps workers work in a more efficient and cost-effective way during the tasks. Hoone can customize products to satisfy the needs of customers.

Kaiyi provides you with ranges of product and a stable supply at reasonable prices. Inquire now!
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