boston dynamics robot dog opens door for its \friend\ in incredible viral footage which leaves viewe

boston dynamics robot dog opens door for its \'friend\' in incredible viral footage which leaves viewers fearing \'new robot overlords\'

by:Hoone      2020-04-27
It is disturbing that this viral video captures the arobot that technology company Boston Power opened the door for its \"friends.
The video was viewed more than 5 million times within hours of being posted online, showing a major achievement by Boston power in robotics. The four-
Before extending the neck and clamp device of the leg robot to the handle, it was seen that the leg robot had a destination to go to the door.
The machine then pulls it half open and completely opens the door with its feet and neck, allowing another robot to cross it before crossing the entrance while keeping the door open. The 30kg, 0.
84-meter spot mini is one of a series of robots developed by SoftBank
Engineering company under Boston power
It can charge up to 90 minutes and is described on the company\'s website as \"a flexible robot that can handle objects, climb stairs and work in the office, home and outdoors \".
But Boston Dynamics\'s robot slogan-\"good things in small bags\"-failed to convince many social media users who were upset by the film.
Actor Zach Braff\'s response on Twitter is typical.
\"Well, we ran very well.
\"I welcome our new robot overlord,\" he posted next to the video . \".
Another Twitter user, Mic Wright, ironically wrote: \"What did you do today?
\"Oh, I continue to develop robots that will kill all of us and murder dogs one day.
Actress Brea Grant added: \"It\'s cool to know how I\'m going to die.
But Google employee Danny Sullivan was impressed by how robots behave.
\"It\'s not just the robot that opens the door handle.
This is how it uses its feet in a human way to keep the door open.
Also, very polite! \" he posted.
Writer Celeste Wu added: \"It makes me very happy to work together.
And how robot 2 managed not to leave the door on itself.
I haven\'t even mastered it yet.
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