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by:Hoone      2020-06-23
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Each year, 1/2 children are injured or killed in danger at home.
The good news is that the use of simple child safety devices on the market today can prevent many such incidents.
Any safety device you purchase should be strong enough to prevent damage to your child, but easy to use for you.
It is important to follow the installation instructions carefully.
Also, if you have older children in your home, be sure to get them back
Safety device.
Also keep in mind that there is no equipment to prevent children completely;
It is well known that young people with determination will disable them.
You can prove your home with a fraction of the cost of a professional doing it.
The safety device is easy to find.
You can buy in hardware stores, baby products stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, home and linen stores and through mail order catalogues.
Here are some child safety devices that can help prevent injuries to many young children.
1 Use safety latches and locks in cabinets and drawers in kitchen, bathroom and other areas to help prevent poisoning and other injuries.
Safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers help prevent children from reaching out to medicines, household cleaners, and knives and other sharp objects.
Look for safety latches and locks that adults can easily install and use, but strong enough to withstand the pull and pull of children.
Safety inserts are not a guarantee of protection, but they make it more difficult for children to access hazardous substances.
Even products with children
The packaging resistance should be locked in a remote place;
This package is not suitable for children.
Typical cost of a secure lock or lock: less than $2.
2 Use safety doors to help prevent falling down stairs and keep children away from dangerous areas.
Safety doors can help children stay away from dangerous stairs or rooms.
Look for safety doors that children cannot leave easily, but adults can open and close without difficulty.
For the top of the stairs, the door screwed to the wall is safer than the \"pressure door.
\"New Safety doors that meet safety standards display certified seals from the youth product Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
If you have an old security door, make sure it doesn\'t have a \"V\" shape large enough to hold the child\'s head and neck.
3 Use door handle covers and door locks to help prevent children from entering rooms and other areas where they are at risk.
Door handle covers and door locks can help children stay away from dangerous places such as swimming pools.
Make sure the door handle cover is strong enough not to break, but adults can open the door quickly in case of emergency.
By limiting access to potentially dangerous rooms at home, door handle covers can help prevent multiple injuries.
To prevent access to the pool, the door lock should be left out of reach of the child.
Locks should be used in addition to fences and door alarms.
Sliding glass doors, typical cost of safety doors: $13 to $40.
Lock that must be reset
After each use, it is usually not a valid barrier for the swimming pool.
Typical Cost of door handle Cover: $1, door lock: $5 +. 4 Use Anti-
Scalding device for faucets and shower heads and setting the temperature of the water heater to 120 degrees F to help prevent hot water scalding. Anti-
Scalding devices that adjust the water temperature help to prevent scalding.
Consider using counter
Scalding device for faucets and shower heads.
These may need to be installed by plumbers.
Also, if you live in your own home, set the water heater temperature to 120 degrees F to help prevent hot water burns.
Typical Cost of reverse
Scalding device: $6 to $30.
5 Use smoke detectors near each floor and bedroom of your home to remind you of the fire.
Smoke detectors are important safety devices to prevent fire deaths and injuries.
Check the smoke detectors once a month to make sure they work if they are batteries
Replace the battery at least once a year or consider using 10-year batteries.
Typical Cost of smoke detectors: less than $10.
Use window guards and safety nets to prevent falling of windows, balconies, decks and platforms.
Window guards and safety nets on balconies and decks can help prevent serious falls.
Check these safety devices on a regular basis to ensure they are safe and properly installed and maintained.
Window guards should not exceed 4 inch between bars.
If you have a window guard, make sure there is at least one window in each room that can easily escape from the fire.
The window screen is not valid for preventing the child from falling from the window.
Typical costs for window guards or safety nets: $8 to $16.
7 Use corner and edge bumpers to help prevent sharp edges of furniture and fireplace from falling off.
Corner and edge bumpers can be used with furniture and fireplace firesides to help prevent falling damage or soften the fall with sharp or rough edges.
Be sure to look for a solid bumper on the edge of the furniture or fireplace.
Typical Cost of corner and edge bumper: over $1.
Use the outlet cover and the outlet plate to prevent electric shock.
The outlet cover and outlet board can help protect children from electric shock and possible electric shock.
Ensure that the outlet protector cannot be easily removed by the child and is large enough so that the child does not suffocate.
Typical cost for seat covers: less than $2.
Use carbon monoxide (CO)
Detectors outside the bedroom to help prevent CO poisoning.
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Can help prevent CO poisoning.
Consumers should install CO detectors near their sleeping areas at home.
Families that should use CO detectors include families that have gas or oil heat or come with a garage.
Typical cost of carbon monoxide (CO)
Probe: $30 to $70.
10 blind ropes for window cutting;
Use safety tassels and inner rope fenders to help prevent children from being strangled in a blind rope ring.
Blinds on vertical blinds and curtain cords on tension devices curtain cords safety tassels help to prevent death and injury in the rope rings.
The inside of the curtain can prevent the inside of the curtain from being strangled.
For the old Mini blinds, cut off the wire ring, remove the belt buckle and place the safety tassel on each wire.
Make sure the old vertical blinds and window cord are tension or tie
Put down the equipment and keep the wires tight.
When purchasing new mini blinds, vertical curtains and curtains, safety features are requested to prevent the child from being strangled.
You can get window blind rope safety information and free tassels by dialing 1-1800-506-
4636 or visit www. Curtains.
Org 11 use the door block and door frame to prevent injuries to fingers and hands.
Door blocks and door frames on door and door hinges can help prevent small fingers and hands from being squeezed or crushed on door and door hinges.
Make sure that any safety device of the door is easy to use and is unlikely to be divided into widgets, which can be a risk of suffocation for young children.
Typical Cost of door block and door frame: less than $4.
The use of cordless telephones makes it easier to observe children continuously, especially in bathtubs, swimming pools, or other potentially dangerous places.
A cordless phone can help you observe your child continuously without leaving the neighborhood to answer the phone.
When the kids are in or near the water, whether it\'s the bathtub, the pool or the beach, the cordless phone is especially helpful.
Consumers can obtain this publication and other publication information from the publication section of the CPSC website or by sending your publication request [Email protection.
The use of safety devices will help protect our children and give us peace of mind.
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