cleanliness tests shows how filthy and full of bacteria the things we use every day really are-Hoone

cleanliness tests shows how filthy and full of bacteria the things we use every day really are

by:Hoone      2020-06-10
Many of us happily wrap our lips together every day, and this carbonated drink may contain more bacteria than the toilet seat. News. com.
Au conducted a series of cleaning tests to check the number of organic matter and bacteria, which may include dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.
E. coli, what we touch outside every day. E.
E. coli is usually present in the intestines, which can indicate the presence of feces and is the cause of food poisoning.
The results show that the items we are exposed to during our daily commute
Including handles, intersection buttons, ATM keyboards and bathroom doors on trains and buses, too dirty, and if the surface is in a supermarket or hospital, it is likely that the health inspectors will close them, until they are cleaned in depth.
Some surfaces are 10 times dirtier than the recommended maximum cleanliness.
These tests were carried out by health and health management company EarthEcco and looked for the triphosphate gland enzymes in all living cells that could be used to measure the level of hygiene.
Jack Tyson, CEO of EarthEcco, said that ideally the reading of the test should be less than 30 RLUs or relative light units.
\"It\'s not clean if it\'s over 30 and you don\'t want 135-
300 because there will be a lot of bacteria.
What it tells you is that the area has not been cleaned up properly.
Salmonella and E. coli
\"E. coli is the main strain that makes you sick,\" he said . \".
\"You \'ve heard of the cruise ship because E. people were taken to hospital
E. coli, you don\'t want to take this call because you will come out at both ends.
\"Research on more than 200 kg stores in the United States --
The beef you bought contains E.
According to The Sun, E. coli is \"a bacteria that represents fecal contamination \".
That\'s right, poop. Co-
Shannon Lush, author of the Spotless collection of clean books, told the news. com.
There, a dirty holiday fester on daily supplies.
\"There are a lot of bacteria out there, and some of them can be harmful, so you have to be careful about anything that a lot of people come into contact.
\"You wash your hands, dry your hands, and you touch the dirty door handle when you leave the bathroom.
There are thousands of different kinds of troubles, all you need is someone who doesn\'t wash their hands properly after going to the toilet, you cancoli.
\"The toilet seat in the office, perhaps not surprisingly, did not come out well --
Record the reading of 984.
But this is still lower than the beverage can, which reads 1146.
This means it may be full of bacteria.
\"It shocked me,\" said Mr. Tyson . \"
\"The cans are more dirty than the toilet seat, which makes me realize that I prefer to drink from the toilet than a can of carbonated drinks.
\"The lush MS said she was not surprised that the cans were not so good.
\"I don\'t drink soft drinks without straws, because there are a few very annoying things everywhere in transit.
\"The dirtiest items are those that have been touched by hundreds of people.
Therefore, public transportation is a petri dish for pathogens.
\"Now I have the flu.
\"I had to get in touch with someone who owned it, and for the first time in years I took public transport, and I believe that\'s where I got it,\" MS Lush said.
\"They are mean, absolutely mean,\" said the lush MS . \".
\"I always use nails instead, so I have less surface area in contact, and the nails are not easy to absorb and clean.
\"The cash machine, usually stacked with dirt, looks like a dust dispenser.
Surprisingly, there is a lot to use in addition to the ATM key pad, but the result is still far above the recommended level of cleaning.
When the bus brakes sharply, the reading of the pole you grab is the most vague of our tests.
\"There are a lot of bacteria on the way to work, because there are more people on buses or trains.
\"There may be S. aureus or S. aureus in the train or bus, and they may become a disease,\" said Mr Tyson . \".
The humble escalator exudes organic matter, the dirtiest thing we see, and the reading is about 10 times higher than the recommended level.
\"It\'s there because there\'s a lot of people touching it, but how that\'s controlled, it\'s all different,\" says Mr Tyson of EarthEcco . \".
It\'s far from as bad as the station escalator because fewer and fewer people wear gloves, but reading is still beyond what people think is fresh and clean.
Loo door handle nudge 1000 only than toilet seat slightly less by pathogens infection.
Lush MS suggest opening the door with paper towels to ensure that washing your hands is not a waste of time.
Go to the bank for lunch?
The lush MS says be careful when lining up because \"the bank is the dirtiest place\", especially when \"the rubber surface absorbs sweat quite beautifully\" you can lean on some branches
Shopping carts should be careful, she says, and before you throw in fresh vegetables, babies in leaking diapers may have been riding for a while.
Although it is not unheard of for people to catch head lice from cinema seats.
However, the lush MS said nothing was lost.
You can take some simple steps to reduce the chances of finding bugs.
\"Before I touch, I tend to wipe everything with an alcohol wipes.
\"Opening the door with your hips or shoulders when you go to the toilet means the bacteria won\'t go straight into your skin.
She also recommends putting a small bottle of sanitized hand sanitizer on your handbag or key ring to prevent sticking.
But some of the dirtiest places are our own desks. com.
Au found in March that the reading was often above 1000.
As for reading more than 1000 beverage cans?
Mr. Tyson of EarthEcco gave it a quick spray with a chemical-free hospital-grade disinfectant, and the reading results dropped to just one because of thirst --
Iced drinks.
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