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drawer pulls and knobs

by:Hoone      2020-05-25
The drawer pull and knob can not only achieve practical purposes, but also beautify the room and add a certain personality and charm.
The days when homeowners have only the most basic choices have passed;
The hardware is not designed to \"look beautiful\", but to achieve a purpose.
I remember visiting an old family farm when I was a child, when the cabinet and drawer hardware were both normal and basic.
I remember when a knob fell off the silverwear drawer, a relative took me into town and asked the hardware store owner for a new one, it was taken to a brass or wood with three drawer knobs.
Today, however, just go to a local home improvement shop to prove that the times have changed.
There seems to be an infinite choice from simple to extreme (
I used to see a drawer knob in the shape of Spider-Man).
Looking for personality in the drawer, you have heard the phrase \"Devil in detail\", which is true.
Sometimes, we are attracted to the personalized \"big things\" in the living space (
Kitchen cabinets, bathroom equipment, wall paint color)
We forget that what really makes a big difference is often the smallest thing.
For example, a friend of mine is a famous interior designer.
She is a guest columnist for several decorative magazines, often interviewed on local and national television, and even looked for by wealthy people around the world.
She once told me that the difference between a $10 room and a $1,000,000 room can be as small as a perfect drawer or drawer knob.
First of all, what does she recommend and find something that emphasizes your personality.
Building a program is one thing.
The room looks like home, but it\'s another thing to live in.
If you are a classical person, try it. and-
Real basic pull and knob.
If you\'re a little quirky, try a more fancy drawer pull or knob.
Remember, you live here.
So make sure it\'s a place that feels like home.
Because everyone\'s \"home\" version is different, choose the one that suits you.
There is nothing better than the classics, they say, and many designers agree with that.
Simple solid color sometimes (
Usually white or black)
The drawer handle is finished.
The classics give off some sort of power and a simple aura that is hard to beat with a more outrageous style.
There is something to say about simple, clean style and lines.
Minimalists also prefer these classic looks, and the simple, classic drawer pull or knob is a very smart choice given the minimal look.
There is no need to worry about a \"classic\" person, many of us are not.
That\'s no problem.
But if you tend to have the eclectic side of life, simple and basic things don\'t cut it down.
Again, it should be any different in terms of your interior design.
There are hundreds.
There could be thousands.
Quirky drawer knobs and drawer pull on the market, from a little \"one\"
Totally crazy.
There are many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, so don\'t feel like you need to be satisfied with the \"basics\" if it doesn\'t fit your style \".
Thanks to a forever kid drawer pull and knot
More and more supplies of eccentric children
Related products, the choice of children\'s drawer knobs is larger than ever before.
Very cheap, usually in the range of $3 to $6
This is just a standard design knob.
So I saw Spider-Man door handle, Rainbow Brite door handle and everything in the middle.
Here is a small list that you will find for your child: Super Dinosaur, pony chicken, and horse Palm fairy tale (
Princess, Cinderella, etc. . . )
Musical instruments such as SpidermanRainbow instruments, cats and other petsMoreThe points are children with almost unlimited drawer handles.
If you are looking for something for your young man, you will almost certainly find it.
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