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flu virus on a door knob

by:Hoone      2020-05-19
In his recent column, Anahad O\'Connor explores research on colds and flu viruses, and how long they can stay on door handles, counters, and other surfaces.
The study found that the survival time of the two viruses varies greatly from a few seconds to 48 hours.
The cause is related to a number of factors, including surface type, humidity and temperature.
To learn more, including why flu viruses last longer than others, read the full column, \"Really?
The flu virus lives longer on the surface than the cold virus, \"then please join the discussion below.
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I would like to know what the effects of mucus or saliva on the survival and transmission of the virus, because the virus is transmitted in these vectors, not in the viral growth medium in the laboratory.
Wow, the disturbing thing is that a flu can last 6 days on the surface!
The last time I had to interview a health professional about how to prevent the flu, they said very firmly, \"Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands more \".
This seems to be common sense, but a lot of people just don\'t do enough.
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