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food for thought: how to find the perfect kitchen

by:Hoone      2020-06-06
People buy kitchens the same way they buy clothes.
They hang out in the store until something catches their attention.
If they can afford it, they buy it.
Of course, what else would you do? \"One of the main mistakes people make when choosing a kitchen is to buy a unit door and design the kitchen around it,\" says Michael Connolly of the Lomi design company.
\"The kitchen is full of things behind the door.
Kitchen retailers like to sell kitchens.
That\'s what they did.
But it\'s always expensive to buy a kitchen.
Whether you spend 3,000 euros or 30,000 euros, this will be a big sum of your savings.
So next time you see the beautiful kitchen, put your hand in your pocket until you ask some search questions.
Cheap kitchen looks like expensive kitchen, but sometimes they are beautiful only with deep skin.
Units made by poor people
For example, high quality cardboard does not resist moisture well. Cut-
Price drawers can be buckled and recessed.
The appearance of the kitchen is only part of the design.
If it doesn\'t work and continues to work over time, it could be a false economy.
Lomi Design is an Irish supplier of Cesar, an Italian brand that offers kitchens starting at around 15,000 euros (
No electrical appliances).
While this is by no means the most affordable kitchen on the market, it will continue.
\"The quality of the components is important for the life of the kitchen,\" Connolly explained . \".
The unit is moisture-resistant.
Usually a base unit will have reinforcement bars in aluminum and drawer runners will be tested up to 70 kg.
\"When you go shopping in the kitchen, it\'s also important to think about how to use it.
It doesn\'t make sense to spend money in a state. of-the-
Art oven when all you really need is a carefully hidden microwave. For open-
Planning space, Cesar range has a kitchen-in-a-
Cabinet solution with pull
Stainless steel working surface.
\"Pocket doors fold back to the unit, so they don\'t get in the way when you use the kitchen.
Then you can close the door in the chaos and no one will be smarter, \"Connolly said.
\"Not everyone wants to see their appliances.
\"In Ireland, in general, the overwhelming preference is the hand --
Painted kitchen
\"It will be considered a bit strange at the international level,\" Connolly reflected . \".
\"A few years later, the units began to look dirty and needed to be repainted.
\"All the kitchens in Lomi Design are factory-decorated and he calls it\" more like what you get in the car, only you can order any color you want \".
Factory finishes have advantages over hand finishes
The unit of painting is that they last much longer.
The downside is that it is not easy to change the color.
Metal kitchen finishes are very popular in the world, but the price is not cheap.
If money is not an object, the Cesar series includes stainless steel doors treated with a method called physical vapor deposition (PVD).
This is a process used to color the metal and make it more resistant to scratch, wear and corrosion.
It is also more eco-friendly than alternatives such as plating and painting.
\"Physical deposition can make stainless steel look like brass, bronze or titanium,\" Connolly explained . \".
\"It certainly doesn\'t look like stainless steel.
\"This is the price.
A standard unit, completed doors in physical deposits can cost up to 1,060 euros.
If you like the look, the melamine surface that looks like rust or oxidized metal after treatment is just a fraction of the price.
A standard unit with melamine doors could cost 90 euros.
Ceramic tile businessman Aisling O\'Reilly also reported public interest in ceramic tiles, faucets and even metal finishes on the countertop.
Neolith, a new countertop product for tile merchants, can imitate stone or marble, but also has attractive metal finishes such as iron Moss and iron-copper satin.
Neolith is a sintering stone made of natural minerals that is subjected to tremendous pressure and heat.
It is almost indestructible.
\"Marble is very delicate,\" O\'Reilly said . \"
\"You need to use a cup pad that removes stains from tomatoes or curry powder.
Neolith is too powerful to laugh at all.
You can use it as a chopping board. only you blunt the knife.
\"The price is not good to laugh. An average-
Neolith\'s kitchen countertop size will cost you at least 3,000 euros.
The most popular countertop material for tile makers is quartz, which starts at around 1,700 euros.
\"If you only have 800 euros to spend on the countertop, then you can\'t afford to buy a stone,\" O\'Reilly explains . \".
\"This is the bottom line.
As we all know, we sell the countertop here for 20,000 euros.
You will be looking for a chef!
O\'Reilly believes that the sintering Stone will gradually replace natural materials.
\"People are willing to spend extra money without worrying about their worktops,\" she said . \".
\"I think very few people will have marble countertops in five years.
\"I told her the marble could be cold --
Look at the material.
She agreed: \"It\'s like looking at a tombstone.
There is a big shift back to the warm tone.
\"If you want to introduce warm metal tones without a second mortgage, consider plugging your existing kitchen with brass faucets and door handles and something in the middle
Century metal lamp accessories.
The online boutique Skinflint has a lot of Oriental Group lights that have been saved, but you can also buy new designs in vintage style.
In a recent project in Dublin, Kingston lafti designed three elegant brass pendants (€301 each)
Mulan lights from the slightly cold top
Kitchen island made of quartz.
The light warms it beautifully.
They are dimmable.
Able to move from environment to functional task lighting and return again-
And have a slightly industrial look that fits the recycling
Brick splash water and copper faucet.
The elegant series also includes wall lights (€270)
Antique Brass, antique silver, polished brass and satin brass finish.
Better yet, they were designed and manufactured in Mullan village, Co Monaghan.
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