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by:Hoone      2020-04-14
This is a simple little project that will make it easy and quick to set up the 1 feet wash.
1 feet the wash is the pedal attached to any toilet, so the user can only flush the toilet with his feet
Allow one handfree flush.
This is a great thing.
I think it\'s just a novelty, but it turns out that I can\'t imagine what my life would be like without the present (
Especially how cheap and easy it is to make).
This will take you 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on unrelated questions (
Love aesthetics and the details you want to do).
What I like most about this project is that you most likely have all the parts you need to make this project, or at most, you need to buy a $5 item that can be found almost anywhere.
What you need: 2 tissue rolls 1 line Hanger1 Kiwi quick shoes (or similar)
3 m 1 pack (
I used \"Utensil Hooks\" but technically any of these command bar products work --
More information later)1-
5 rubber with some tape or glue optional: paint to paint the tissue roll and some of the gumbe is gone will help! !
See this puppy in action and watch its video on youtube: first work on a paper towel roll, because most likely, you\'ll want to color them, so they look beautiful in the bathroom next to your toilet. (
Note: technically you don\'t have to use tissue rolls.
Depending on your ambition, you can use a hollow broom stick, a curtain rod or whatever you may have.
I like rolls because they are cheap and easy --
Technically, however, you don\'t need to use anything because the only purpose of this is to hide the hanger.
If you don\'t care if the hanger is visible then forget this step and move on).
Let\'s say you don\'t want the hanger to show, you\'ll want to cover it up with something good.
Put two tissue rolls together so you have a long tube.
It\'s good to squeeze it and form it, you can technically stick it inside for extra support, but you don\'t have to do that because the paint is sticky, they stick together when dry.
Because painting takes time to dry and requires a lot of coating, do this step first
But before spraying the new coating, each coating must be dry.
The whole process can take an hour, but you can do other things while waiting to dry.
Paint is dangerous!
Use it only if you are an adult and know how to use it.
This step depends on how high your toilet is.
Keep in mind that this item can be done on any type of toilet.
I\'m using a speed meter, but it works on the flush handle as well.
Find the approximate distance between the floor and the handle, and use the pliers to constantly bend the hanger back and forth until the pieces go straight and the excess parts are removed.
My size is about 22 inch.
This is not necessarily accurate because you can always bend it later.
Also, it doesn\'t have to be completely straight either, because you can\'t see the hanger at all once the tissue rolls on it.
This is the most important part.
You need 1 feet pedals.
It was hard for me to figure out what could be a durable but cheap foot pedal, and then I came across this bizarre shoe.
I took the plastic lid off and threw the rest away.
I have only one perfect foot left.
Durable plastic shape.
What\'s great about this, it\'s about $4, and there\'s a plastic ring on the tip of the foot pedal for placing on store shelves.
We will use it to connect the wire hanger.
Well, you need some pliers or some very strong hands.
What you need to do is put the hanger around the plastic ring and turn it off with pliers.
Look at this picture and you will see what I mean.
There is still a little gap in the picture, without this --
Do what I say, not my blog.
Make sure the hanger is completely closed.
On the other end of the hanger, place the strongest and thickest rubber band you have around the hook.
Double the rubber band as much as possible as it needs to stretch, but it also needs to stretch.
This is the key.
This rubber band will pull the handle of your toilet.
Once done, turn it off again using pliers.
There is no need for the next step.
But it makes everything look better.
This step involves removing the sticker from the pedal.
This is the hardest part so far.
I would suggest using something refined from the oil plant, such as Google one.
This kind of thing is toxic and smells like garbage, and in the next few years it may develop the brain like an organization and take over the world.
But for the moment, it\'s an incredible thing that really works.
So do it, but you don\'t have to do it anymore.
This can be tricky, but fortunately there are a lot of ways to do this.
You have to make a hole behind the pedal to connect the 3 m hook.
This hook will stick to the floor of your bathroom.
Technically you don\'t need to use this.
You can use glue, velcro or whatever.
But I like the fact that these things are easily stripped off, so you can easily take it off if you screw it up and try again * you won\'t screw it up, believe.
To pop up the hole, you can get a drill bit, then go through it quickly, use a pin, and then increase the size of the hole.
What I do is put a screwdriver in the flame until it gets really hot and then simply press it on the pedal.
This one is plastic. you can push it over.
This will only be done if you are an adult and are able to handle the issue.
This can be very dangerous, so I don\'t recommend-
In particular, there are other ways to achieve this goal.
Keep in mind that Google one may be flammable, so be sure to clean it up before placing it near any flame.
Once you have a hole, pass the 3 m part through it.
Feel free to hide the handle with a small piece of tape (see the pics).
Now you just have to put it together.
First roll the tissue on the hanger.
Then go to your bathroom and tie the rubber band to your handle.
This part is a bit tricky.
You need a perfect compromise, which can be hard to find.
What you need to do is make this pedal far enough so that you can put pressure on the toilet handle, but, not far away, it becomes noticeable, block your daily bathroom life.
Before sticking the area to the ground, use your hand to see if it works at each position below you.
Finally, as soon as you have a good happy point, follow the instructions provided by 3 m (
Clean up a little and wait an hour. . -
I didn\'t follow the instructions and you wouldn\'t, but I felt like I had to say it). TADA! You\'re done.
You have a 5-
$10 foot wash.
There are every bathroom.
You can\'t see the wire hanger once the lid is open, so it looks good.
Hope this works and feel free to email me with questions/comments/questions.
Again, this is the video watched on the spot :(
Update working link)
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