giggling girl yobs carrying a sex toy and alcohol film themselves \putting bacon on a mosque\s door

giggling girl yobs carrying a sex toy and alcohol film themselves \'putting bacon on a mosque\'s door handles\' while worshippers pray inside in a sickening video

by:Hoone      2020-04-20
A disgusting footage showed two women putting bacon on the mosque door and pouring wine in the building, then laughing and running away.
A video circulating on social media shows the two shooting themselves at the adina na Mosque and Islamic center in Oldham Stansted Street, Greater Manchester.
The women could be seen leaving their claimed bacon on the head of the mosque door and then running away with a hysterical smile.
Then you can hear the worshippers praying in the mosque, like yobs jokes about \"slapping [\"]the bacon]
Before putting it on the door handle, put it on the window first.
Social media users claim they also pour alcohol in the building and post sex toys through the mailbox.
The video of the incident has accumulated thousands of views after it appeared on social media today.
The mosque says it knows the video footage and plans to report it to the police.
It shows two women posing for the camera in a baseball cap, one holding a toy that looks like a sex toy and a roll of tape.
She said to the camera: \"The Man in Black is on the task.
You see this and you will see the masterpiece at the end.
\"They giggled excitedly, left the hotel and began to go to the mosque to\" fulfill their mission \". The scantily-
The woman in clothes gestures to the camera and rolls on the ground as her sportswear
Wearing a friend\'s clothes, laughing while drinking.
The second woman warned: \"You will be arrested.
You will be arrested for putting bacon on the door.
But yob sneered: \"We will be arrested.
As the couple approached the building, prayers could be heard and when one found them wandering they seemed to have lost their courage.
The first woman said, \"it\'s also in front.
We have to go around the back. Quickly. We need to run.
Can they see us?
When a bystander challenged them for \"drinking\" outside the mosque, they apologized and claimed they were \"just waiting for someone \".
Then a man began to rummage through the bag and said she would \"shoot it on the window \".
Her friend said, \"No, don\'t shoot on the window.
. . . . . . Put it on the door handle.
Then, the first woman hung what looked like two slices of bacon in front of the camera, put it on the mosque door, and rushed away with a smile.
Dara Miah, 44, secretary general of the Madina mosque, said: \"I saw the video yesterday and I will report it to the police.
No need.
We are working together to combat this crime.
Let two young women make the film themselves.
Then it\'s really shocking to post it somewhere online.
Angry audiences called for the arrest of the women.
Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.
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