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guidelines for toilets for the disabled

by:Hoone      2020-04-20
Eight dozen Ling City Council (MBPJ)
Design guidelines have been developed for disabled toilets.
According to a statement issued by MBPJ\'s department of public relations, the guide was prepared following a field visit by MBPJ\'s technical committee for the disabled to several homes of elderly and disabled children in Petaling Jaya.
The committee finds that toilet facilities provided by many of these households do not meet the specifications specified by the Malaysian Institute of Standards and industry (Sirim).
The problems found were: the size of the toilet was too small, there was no handrails, the toilet was too high or too low, and some compartments were not equipped with emergency alerts.
The MBPJ guide was drafted in accordance with existing Malaysian standards (MS 1184 : 2002)-
Sirim\'s code of practice on the entry of persons with disabilities into public buildings, guidelines on building requirements for persons with disabilities and samples of overseas designs.
The design requirements of the bathroom are: the size of the bathroom must be at least 4.
The area is 5 and the minimum size is 2. 13m by 2. 13m;
The width of the toilet door should be at least 900mm;
Toilet seat should be 475mm from the ground;
The wall mirror should be 1.
15 m from the floor and tilted between 5 and 10 (
This requirement is not mentioned in the MS 1184 guide)
The armrest next to the toilet seat should be 800mm from the ground and can be adjusted;
The door handle must be 500 metres from the ground, and the length of the door handle is 900 metres, fixed to the edge of the door;
An emergency alarm must be installed, there is a rope next to the toilet seat, a rope next to the sink, and an emergency siren and lighthouse are installed inside the toilet;
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