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hardware quality hinges on performance.

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Whether decorative or concealed, slides and hinges function in both cabinets and box goods.
Here are some slides and hinges provided in the theme square.
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SlidesAccuride has 2 slides for the 7400 series file drawer. 35 in.
High, support 120. The low-
Bothfull-introduction slides available
Extended and excessive
Travel version of transparent zinc or black finish.
7400 series with smooth, progressive balls
Can be installed in traditional or 32mm systems.
Hafele offers FreeSlide, a new sliding door accessory that allows the door to slide left or right from the actual housing. It has alow-
Noise ball cage runner-up mounted behind the panel.
Synchronous control with cable pull can be installed to move both wings at the same time. TFI Corp.
Added a new installation option for its full line 1.
2mm standard side and bottom mounting as well as selfclosing slides.
The company says its slides are 32mm compatible and tested at 100-
Lb load capacity, available at 10-in. to 24-in.
Length of stay-
Turn off the function, double outbound and forward station.
The colors are white, almond, brown or black.
Metal slide cover Inc.
Added a line of balls
With a television pulse.
These pullouts are configured as high-profile or low-
Profileuse provides standard rotation or aball-bearing swivel. The ball-
The bearing rotation can be the endmount orcenter-mount.
There are 150 standard slides-
Lb capacity with eithera brown or black finish.
Free hardware manufacturing. Corp.
Drawer slides of various thickness are provided, including slides for full extension, semi-extension, bottom and side mounting.
There is also a quick drawer system for metal boxes.
Alfit offers Integra 3000 drawer slide with self functionclosing action.
It is characterized by six
Pre-Road adjustment, load capacity of 100 and width of 1/2.
Houck industri\'s 1100 series is reported to be hidden under drawer rails, eliminating the need to hand over 1/2.
Two sides of the drawer.
Rated load is 100.
System function 7/8-in.
Drawer extension in white or almond finish. B. Walter & Co.
A variety of hardware is available, including slides, guides, and table grader.
The company says its timber wire drawing machine uses a precision-grinded tongue --and-
The groove design eliminates the need for the inclined guide rail, providing excellent strength even if the drawer is fully extended.
The tour guide is crafted from an experienced selection of local hard wood to provide a reliable, long-term
Long-lasting quiet, smooth running, in two parts.
The slot is 2 in.
The tongue is 7/8 wide. wide.
There are three drawer slides in Jacob Holtz.
75 point celcon wheel sand-
Lb load capacity.
The company added that continuous and guaranteed shutdown features include dual-out and forward-return stations.
The slides are covered with white, brown, almond and black powder.
Futerer USA offers FR2030 compact, concealed, owe
A mountain ski.
It features sliding of the \"push & click\" drawerbox assembly, height adjustment up to 5mm, side tolerance balance up to 2mm, overall self-balance
Centering device, shock absorption stopper and residence under different load conditions-close feature. A-
Ventures offers full expansion, 3/4 expansion and full progress.
All the slides passed the standard rating, the company said.
3600 Series-
The extension drawer slide of Waterloo furniture components is cold-
Steel and ball-
The company said the movement of the bearing is for a smooth and gradual sliding action.
All models have a positive stop, minimum deflection and hold for a fully stretched drawer-
To prevent the rebound, and to facilitate the exchange, the company released the butterfly.
Knape & Vogt offers 8400 boxes of 16 in and slides of file drawers. to 24 in. sizes. The anti-
Scratch bushing to prevent metalto-
Metal contact, which reduces noise, while the ball holder self-locks the position at the front when the slide is disconnected to mitigate the insertion of the deep drawing.
The company also offers 8040 hinge door sliders
The duty 3/4 extension slip for the \"up\" and \"up\" hinge door applications.
ST750 side for Delta industry
The mounting drawer slider designed for 32mm installation.
Drawer rails are coated with zinc or epoxy, concealed hardware and non-concealed hardware hidden behind the frame of the chassis
Handedcorner\'s self in brackets
Align with the back of the drawer.
The St50 has the function of actively entering and leaving the station and keeping it open.
Size range from 10. to 30 in.
Outwater plastic/industrial offers a miracle track sliding door rail system with wheels.
It is reported that the ideal 1/4-in.
On the glass and ply wooden doors of display cabinets, cabinets and dressers, the product is easy to install with small metal wires or nails.
The company says the track system is rust-proof and muted in operation.
The custom service hardware offers EZGlide drawer slides, a hidden bottom mounted slide that is reported to be able to smoothly roll on the wheel and axle systems to provide stability and high load capacity.
The wheels are mounted in a closed cabinet channel, minimizing side kicks.
Mounting brackets can be installed with screws or nails.
Sugatsune offers a range of stainless steel, precision balls
The sliding of the Bearing drawer includes: 3/4 extension, full extension and bottom installation with load levels ranging from 25 to 282. Roller-
Type slides with aself-
The off function is also provided.
Taili hinge hardware Co. , Ltd.
Mini slides made of galvanized steel are provided.
The pass is 32mm and the length is 185 to 374mm.
Suitable for RTA furniture, audio cabinet, wall cabinet and similar use.
The company also offers a range of epoxy
White, Brown and almond drawer slides.
The Vogt industry provides medium side stickers
Drawer suspension 500.
It features a thick gauge fixed roller section for limiting side slip, a positive lever for easy access and Delrinball-Bearing roller. The 75-
Lb capacity suspension system provides optional self
Turn off the channel section with gold chrome, almond or white epoxy finish. Two-M Sales Inc.
McStop 51 is available, a front drawer holder designed for wooden drawer rails.
It connects to the female part of the drawer guide rail and prevents the drawer from being pulled out of the box by grabbing the back of the front.
Kemp hardware said,on-
The wooden drawer slide is smooth and sturdy and is designed for cargo in most cases.
The slides have spot sizes available for immediate shipment and can also be customized according to specifications.
Ferrari said Hingis,
By turning the adjustment screw, the folding hinge system can be used with all the standard Ferrari plates, thus changing the connection position.
Hinges can be used on doors 16mm to 26mm thick, and in the case of corner doors, the gap is actually reduced to zero. The Gambas Co. offers a five-
Knuckle mechanism hinge across the door. Made of 13-
Round hospital stylist available in specifications steel, hinges, including plating and powder
Coating finish in many colors.
Other features include 32mm and other hole configurations as well as variations in the thickness of panels and door wings.
Grass America\'s new twist lock hinge provides a 35mm drill hole and a connector Cup for all types of twist lock hinges.
The company recommended it for painting doors;
The cap and hook can be used to cover the hole so that the door can be sprayed after inserting the connector Cup.
Rockford process control produces a full set of hinges including five hinges
Knuckles for covering, leveling and curling applications of laminated, wood or metal housing products.
Heettich says its Euromat TOPsafe hinge provides clips
Not the mount on the slide. on mounting.
The company says the TOPsafe hinge is the only clip
Hinge with integrated cover.
Since the catch is concealed, the hinge can only be deliberately removed to avoid the danger of release.
Hinges are suitable for a variety of purposes, including regular or thick doors, glass doors and corner or wall units. Mepla Inc.
Provide ACC 160/162 hidden hinge with an opening angle of 110 | degrees ~
Frame cabinets and covers for 1/4in. to 1 1/4in. It is an all-
Easy-to-install metal hinge with self
Close action and independent height and side adjustment.
Because the prominent degree of the door is very small, there is no interference of pulling force
Accessories have been introduced, the company said.
Julius Blum provides the Inserta hinge system, a series of hidden hinges that are installed without tools.
Once placed in the appropriate position, the hinge cover is closed using thumb pressure and locked to expand the barbed side of the hinge cup.
To remove, lift the lid from the inside of the cup using a screwdriver.
The Inserta hinge is available and will be at 100 | degrees ~ 110 | degrees ~ 125 | degrees ~ And 170 | degrees ~ Available in.
Ultra Hardware products offer a wide range of hinge styles including: Continuous hinges, glass door hinges, and self-hinges.
Closed, secluded and docked.
The company also offers other types of hardware, including slides, brackets, pull and latch.
The Rapido hinge of Salice is fixed directly on the door.
The Cup and pin of the hinge are located in the pre-
Drill with hand pressure.
Special tools are not required for installation.
Rotate the crew 90 degrees clockwise until it stops and activate the patented tension pin.
SOSSentinal is an electronic monitoring hinge line introduced for SOSS invisible hinge line, manufactured by General purpose industrial products
There are six models to choose from: monitor invisible hinge2o (
The minimum wood thickness is 3/4 in. ); 208 (1 in. ); 212 (11/8 in. ); 216 (1 3/8in. ); 218 (1 3/4 in. )and 220 (2 in. ).
Selby furniture offers a hinge of 2000/150, 150 degrees, compatible with its no-linebore, no-
Pin hinge.
The hinge is made of thick tempered steel with nickel, brass and bronze finish, and is free to use
Close the version.
Wood Technology
Provides a complete range of concealed hinges that do not require boredom.
They are surface.
Can accommodate overlay and embedded applications.
Available finishes include chrome, brass and bronze for free swing and automatic swingclosing styles.
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