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home clinic; a slimmer alternative: bifold doors

by:Hoone      2020-06-05
Lipinskioli L Month 2000 folding door is a practical swing
Going out and sliding doors are usually found at home.
They require less clearance than the revolving door to open, and unlike the sliding door installed in the closet, the double folding door folds to reveal the whole contents of the closet.
The Bifolds are really two doors with hinges in the center.
They open with a folded accordion.
Style on the door frame.
There are no hinges on the side jambs.
Instead, the door turns in a bracket located in the top and bottom corners of the door.
The roller guide mounted on the front of the door slides on the track fixed to the top jamb. This roller-
The track arrangement supports and guides the door when the door opens.
The double folding door has two specifications of plastic or wood: 6 feet, 8 inch and 7 feet.
You can trim the wooden door a little to fit into a smaller frame, but you can\'t cut the plastic door.
You can also order double doors to accommodate the odd-sized frames.
If you intend to install double door opening, it is better to buy it in the kit.
The kit will include all the necessary hardware: Track, pivot pin, pivot stand and handle.
Also, the door is already connected together.
However, you must purchase the stop molding of the door frame separately.
Carefully measure the size of the frame before purchasing the door;
Then decide if you need one or two. door unit (
Two doors hinge together)
Or multiple units made up of two-door units. A single two-
The door unit is sufficient for standard door frames.
The door folds back to one side of the door frame.
For a wider frame, two units are installed, one on each side.
Doors must be properly installed at the opening, otherwise they will not open and close properly.
If the door frame is the standard size, the installation will include mounting the stop molding onto the door frame, connecting the slider track to the top door frame, screwing the pivot bracket in the corner and placing the door in the appropriate position.
Before doing so, however, take the time to double-check the frame to make sure it is perfectly vertical and square.
Use a height on the top and side of the frame to see if it is vertical.
Check corners with frame squares to make sure they are in 90-degree angles.
If the frame is not square or plumbed, the door is blocked when you fold them in or out.
You can adjust a frame that is not aligned with the thin wood wedge, called the gasket.
First, pry open the decoration around the door.
This will expose the gap between jamb and frame bolts.
Insert a crowbar between jamb and studs and gently pry open jamb.
There is no need to pull jamb off the bolt;
Simply loosen it so that you can grasp the nail to remove it.
Push the gasket between jamb and studs to adjust jamb until it is square and vertical.
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Fix the jamb with a new finish nail, but keep the head slightly protruding in case you have to make adjustments when the door is in place.
You may need to wedge both jambs on both sides and jambs on the top to make the frame square.
In extreme cases, you have to remove and rebuild the entire frame.
The next step is to use the 6d nail to stop the molding nail on jambs.
The molding should be placed within the frame, but flush with the front edge of jambs.
Next, twist the track to the top jamb;
Necessary wood screws will be provided in the kit.
The distance between the center of the track and the stop molding should be half the thickness of the door plus the 8 inch.
Screw the bottom pivot bracket into the position on the floor.
They should be vertically aligned with the pivot stand in the track.
Set the door in place by sliding the door pivot pin into the top and bottom pivot brackets.
These are spring.
Load well so you can push the doors back through the bracket holes to get the gap.
Next, press the rail at the top of the door and slide it into the top rail.
Now test how the door is opened and closed.
If you encounter difficulties, you can make minor adjustments to the door alignment by turning the adjustment screws in the top and bottom pivot brackets.
You can also adjust the frame alignment using the additional gasket.
When the door operation is smooth, complete the DingTalk of jamb, and then install the decorative mold around the door frame.
Put all the nail head counter in and fill the holes with a wood filler.
Finally, connect the knob to the door.
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A lighter option: double door.
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