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home clinic; keeping pocket doors on the right track

by:Hoone      2020-06-04
14. 2001 pocket doors are different from ordinary doors because they do not enter and exit the door frame;
Instead, they slide into a cavity or pocket on the wall.
These doors are good in rooms with limited space and not enough clearance to allow traditional doors to swing.
The pocket door has no hinges with the door frame.
They have rollers on the top edge that go along the track installed in the top slot of the frame.
The track extends from the opening or doorway visible in the frame to the groove of the pocket.
Normally, the door slides easily along the track, opening and closing smoothly.
However, sometimes the door jumps off the track ---
This can happen if the track or roller is damaged-
Will not work properly.
If the roller and mechanism are not damaged, then repositioning the door on the track is usually a simple thing;
This is an easy enough job if the door is not stuck in the pocket.
It can be difficult to get the door out of your pocket, as there is usually not enough clearance to catch it.
You can expand the opening by removing the stop molding on both sides of the pocket.
If the molding has been painted, use a hard putty knife to cut the paint seam between the stop molding and the door cover.
Insert the knife between the stop forming and jamb, and gently pry the forming loose.
Do not remove the housing around the door.
Next, grab the edge of the door and try to pull it out of your pocket.
Alternately pulling from the top and bottom and pushing the door out of the cavity can help.
If you can\'t grab the door very well, try screwing the two big eye hooks to the edge of the door to make a temporary handle.
Grab the hook, pull out the door, then remove it from the track and put it aside.
Advertising inspection track (
You have to use a flashlight to peek into the door cavity)
And rollers to see if they are damaged.
Do not try to repair them if they are broken;
They should be replaced.
You have to remove the old track before it can be replaced, but it is not possible to do this through a narrow pocket.
You need to cut an entrance hole in the wall that surrounds the door pocket.
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Observe the cavity and make sure there are no obstacles before cutting the wall, then use the drywall saw to cut the rectangular hole (
Save the Cut Piece to close the hole).
Opening will let you in so you can remove the rail frame.
Measure the length, width and depth of the track slot, that is, the cavity on the top door frame that holds the track.
These sizes are required to order a replacement track.
You can purchase new tracks and rollers from the supply store of the construction supplier or from the local home center.
Before ordering a new set of rollers, you must know how many doors you have.
Rollers are sold separately and rated according to weight capacity.
Stand on the door on the scales and see how many it is.
Rated doors for some rollers up to 75 pounds.
These are good for hollow doors, but solid-
The core door is heavier and should be supported by a roller weighing 125 pounds.
Install the track so that it is centered in the track slot.
Connect it to the frame using the screws that come with the track.
Please consult the manufacturer for instructions to connect the roller assembly to the door.
The Roller installation specifications vary depending on the design, but in general the roller should be concentrated on the top of the door and a few inches back from the front.
When the track is in place in the frame and the roller is on the door, you can hang the door in place.
Hang a solid
The core door is difficult to operate because the door is difficult to operate.
This task can be done more easily using a crowbar as a lever.
Put one end of the bar under the door.
Insert a piece of waste wood below the center of the bar and step on the other end to raise the door.
Turn the bottom of the door towards you and hook the roller on the track.
Slide the door in and out of your pocket to check if the trip went well.
Close the channel hole by replacing the wall panel cut and patching the seam with seam compound and tape.
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Keep the pocket door on the right track.
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