honda e is the name for honda\s adorable new rear-wheel-drive ev hatchback-Hoone-img

honda e is the name for honda\'s adorable new rear-wheel-drive ev hatchback

by:Hoone      2020-05-04
The Honda e prototype is a near-
2017 production version of the concept of urban electric vehicles.
It rides on a new rearwheel-
Drive an electric platform with a mileage of more than 124 miles.
It will be put into production later this year and is currently only planned to be sold in Europe.
Update 5/8/19: Honda has announced that the official name of the production version of the e prototype will be. . . The Honda e.
A new teaser photo released at the same time as the announcement shows the car\'s badge and the edge of the taillights;
The latter item looks the same unit as the prototype.
This is a good thing.
Honda also announced that e had received \"22,000 letter of intent\" in Europe, but did not indicate how much was actually stored (
Or if the deposit is not open yet).
After stealing 2017 Frankfurt motor show with its urban electric vehicle concept, Honda hopes to do the same at this year\'s Geneva motor show.
Production version of this concept.
Now known as the Honda e prototype, the electric car has an extra set of doors, but as cute and unique as the original concept --
Maybe more.
The upcoming mass production version should look similar to the prototype, and Honda has released the first technical details of the powertrain.
The face of the E-prototype is very simple, making a huge contrast to the excessive tension and aggressive front end of almost all Honda\'s other models (
Citizen R, we\'re looking at you).
A large, concave, flaky
There is a light on the black panel in shape
Honda badge and two large round LED headlights-
Honda says this is the \"face\" of the car \".
\"The only air inlet is a small opening at the bottom of the bumper, with two small fog lights on both sides.
The large black panel on the hood is the charging port;
LED lights can be seen through the glass panel to show the charging status.
The surface treatment of the car is very simple.
A line of chamfer, extending from the cutting line of the hood, wound around the side window on the C-
Pillar is the only real talent.
To help with aerodynamics, the front door handle is flush with the body when rears are hidden in C-
Replace the side mirror with a pillar and camera (
Honda calls it a camera mirror system).
Another concave black panel at the back has two round LED taillights that mimic the look of the front end, license
Grillage shape same.
The result was a very clean, very cute, retro design with no gimmicks to draw inspiration from iconic Honda cabins such as Civic CVCC and n600.
We \'ve run out of a lot of digital ink to talk about how much we like the interior of the e prototype, but now we have a fully lit photo showing new details so we can be more gushing
Honda said it wanted the interior of the e-prototype to have a lazy feel, and the simple design, lovely fabric seats and modern design details did a good job of achieving that.
There are three large screens on the dashboard, with an expanded wooden trim on the top, and two smaller displays on both sides of the interior are external cameras of the e prototype (
The rearview mirror is also a digital screen).
This new photo reveals the center console between the front seats, which holds the gear selector, driving-
And other related controls.
We had previously suspected that the console would have a knob or touchpad to control information Entertainment;
Now it seems that everything will be done by touching the screen and using a small row of physical controls at the top of the dashboard.
The screen may be far away and too complex to be controlled only by touch, but Honda says the system is \"designed for final availability\" and uses the \"next step\"
\"Generate digital aids\" for multitasking and menu navigation \".
We don\'t have a photo of the back seat yet, but Honda says the floor of the car is completely flat, which should help make the car feel bigger than it actually is.
We haven\'t seen the cargo area at the back.
Since there doesn\'t seem to be any friction at the front of the car, the only cargo space will be behind the back seat.
The E prototype is the first compact Honda to be built on the new stage-
Separate electric platforms of other models will be generated.
Honda says the car will travel more than 124 miles.
Charging can add 80% of the charge in half an hour.
The most important thing for us is that the electric motor of the e prototype power the rear wheels.
Yes, this cute little electric car is behind-wheel drive!
We buried lede there, didn\'t we?
Honda said it was \"focused on providing an interesting and emotional experience,\" with its long wheelbase, short suspension and wide track giving it great driving power and operability.
Still, don\'t expect the e prototype to be a drift machine
If that\'s the case, we can\'t imagine it will have more than 150 horsepower.
Honda plans to launch two models
By 2025, the third product sold in Europe had been powered on, and the design of the e-prototype took this goal into account.
Production cars were originally sold only in Europe and started production later this year.
We want it to have a better name.
We prefer electric cars in cities.
But we really hope that no matter what the name of the car is, it will eventually be sold in the United States.
Oh Honda, since you have basically completed the development of this car, can you start to develop a production version of the concept of a sports electric car? Thanks!
The story was originally published in February 27, 2019. (
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