how to freeze-proof a tesla one owner says \give it a smack\-Hoone-img

how to freeze-proof a tesla. one owner says \'give it a smack\'

by:Hoone      2020-05-30
Tesla (TSLA)
The car has the fashionable design features of concealed door handle and so on.
But some drivers have found that in the explosion of dangerous cold weather covering most parts of the United States, the handle and charging port were stuckS.
Tesla drivers complained this week on Twitter and social media about frozen wipers, side mirrors and door handles stopping them from getting on the bus.
Tesla is not aware of this issue and posted some tips on operating the vehicle below
Zero temperature.
The door handle is usually flush with the door panel when not in use, which can be frozen in a way that prevents the driver from opening the door.
Twitter user @ sarahthanif posted a video on Wednesday saying the door handle of the Tesla Model 3 was frozen.
\"I love you, but can you hire a designer/engineer from a bad weather? So we don\'t have to deal with this bad design anymore. ? \" she tweeted.
Tesla suggested that the user \"pull the door handle a little, let the door open, put the window glass down, and then open the door.
\"The company also advises drivers to use the car pre-treatment function to warm up the car to melt the ice on the door handle.
Although Tesla is based in the San Francisco Bay area, the company has a winter driving facility in Alaska where it tests cars in cold conditions.
Reddit user towner11 released a video at the end of last year, which also showed trouble opening the latch on the type 3 computer.
This has inspired some unconventional innovative solutions.
A YouTube user wrote a video giving his own tips on how to freeze the side mirror, door handle and charging port hatch for free.
Twitter user @ DrivingSlate from Canada advised drivers to stop complaining.
\"It\'s Canada now and everything will freeze.
The Tesla model 3 is a car, not a crystal glass;
\"Give it a punch and stop complaining about freezing the handle,\" they wrote on Twitter last month . \".
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