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how to keep your dorm room organized

by:Hoone      2020-04-03
Laura shukbier from Harbin College
ComI is not sure if you guys can tell me now but I don\'t like to stay in the dorm.
I have given advice on how to make dormitory life tolerable, such as the best way to clean the room, the way to sleep in a noisy environment, and wrangling those pesky ropes.
So, today I\'m going to talk to you about some organizational techniques that can help make your room more livable.
The dormitory rooms are small.
Some are very small.
In such a small space, it seems to take over the whole room when it gets a little messy and messy.
For me, keeping my room organized not only helps me feel more comfortable in my dorm, but also helps me to work better.
Whiteboards and bulletin boards if you don\'t have these babies, you should go to the target or buy one at the local supermarket.
They\'re great. I\'ll tell you why.
First of all, they take up the space of the walls and make your walls look less blank.
The walls of my dorm have always been this horrible gray prison, so I have been eager to fill this space.
That\'s what whiteboards and bulletin boards do.
Obviously, what they can do is not just take up space, because you can also do it on some decorative little things.
In terms of organization, they are a good place to keep important paper.
Unlike putting things on the table, where things may or may not fall, or they may not fall into Nanya, magnets and pushpins will put your files in place.
Put your planks in places you often see, such as the wall next to the table or in front of the bed, and you have to look at them every day, which will remind you well, you need to process any paper you attach to the blackboard.
Also, not only do I organize my paper with a whiteboard, but I also organize my day with a whiteboard --to-day activities.
Every week, I list what I need to do before the weekend.
Seeing it every day reminds me of what I need to do, so I keep myself organized and on track.
If you are having trouble hanging a bulletin board or whiteboard, you should refer to my next point.
3 m Command Brand products (
Full disclosure: Command Brand contacted me after reading the article on Huffington Post and sent me some of their new products for reading. )
In my post on organizing ropes, I mentioned how much I love these things.
They do more than just hold my laptop wire.
I hung up my bulletin board and whiteboard with a mini hook.
There will be some sort of loop on the back of most boards, so all you have to do is measure the position of the loop and place the hook accordingly.
I also used them to hang my towels behind the door of the wardrobe as there was not enough room in our small bathroom to accommodate my towels and my roommate\'s.
Also, I recently attacked a hook on the inside of the shower to hold my loofa.
Sitting at the bottom of the shower floor made my clean stuff disgusting, so I used a trusted command brand hook to help me out.
The best thing about these hooks is that they work.
If you put them on correctly, they don\'t fall off and they are very strong because there are such small hooks with only those small tape.
I mean, for God\'s sake, there\'s one in my shower that\'s as solid as a stone.
Also, they don\'t leave marks on the wall when you remove the hooks, and you can reuse the hooks.
I have been using the same hook in my room since my freshman year.
If you want to give yourself something of a brand, check out their other products as well.
They have some pretty organized products, including hanging strips and wire binding machines.
I am especially looking forward to putting the wire strapping machine into use because my Ethernet wires are always everywhere and constantly tripping me.
The hooks are available in various sizes and even colors.
They offer pure white, but there are also some very nice ones with brushed nickel finish and some \"vintage duck \".
\"I probably like these best.
Perhaps a more general rule to keep your room organized is to have a designated space for everything.
Although it seems basic and obvious, it\'s important to really sit down and decide where you\'re going to put certain things.
For example, I have a specified basket where I keep my books and folders for my class.
Even if they\'re all thrown in, I know at least that all the folders and books I\'m currently using are somewhere in that basket.
Putting your stuff in a specific space can help you find something faster and can also help it spread around your room.
Put the things on your desk inside too so it doesn\'t spread everywhere.
I put my pens and pencils in the cup so that they are all in the same place and I can easily find a spare one when I need it because I know they are
I put scissors, scissors and tape in a space maker.
Yes, we used to bring a super-old school supplies to the third grade to keep crayons.
Yes old school, but when the drawer space on your desk is limited, they are awesome and can put everything together.
How do you keep your room organized?
How to use 3 m brand instruction products?
Tell us in the comments!
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