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how to polish scratches from under your car door handles

by:Hoone      2020-04-15
You may not have noticed before, or you have, but there are a lot of ugly little scratches underneath the door handles of most cars.
I think this is the result of using a henna on top every time you grab your handle, it could be some sort of foreign activity at night, or maybe Kangaroo activity here, no problem with the rest of the world, i\'m really not sure.
In this structure, I will show you how to make the paint part look completely new.
I have a white mass transport vehicle that I will demonstrate on.
Once the car is clean, no more than 5 minutes per handle and no PhD in car details required (
If there is such a thing? )
, It actually requires only a small amount of skill, basically, you can manage it if you are able to wipe the water point on the mirror.
This is my first note, so let me know if I mess up.
Now I really hate it, in a country where there are no kangaroos, can someone check if they have these scratches in their car and let me know?
Wash the whole car and park in the shade.
This is very important because you need to make sure that there is not a little bit of dirt and sand on the car that can cause more scratches than you already have.
The point of parking in the shade is that you want the metal panels to feel cool, and if they\'re hot, Poland will bake before there\'s a chance to do anything, you will leave Poland on the paint that is hard to wash off. Materials.
I used boning (
Hardware chain stores here in Australia)
Most polishing workers have done similar work, trying cheaper polishing products before going out, and paying a lot for the American Mandarin fish or turtle brand.
You will save a lot of money in the long run.
Except for a bottle of liquid Poland (
Or a can of cream Polish)
, All you need is a clean soft rag to apply polish (
I used old bonds.
There is also a super-fiber towel cleaned.
For those reading the article in countries outside Australia, singy is a single-state Dictionary.
Com told me that in the UK, I heard that they were called vests and could also be called underwear or jerseys for men. . . .
How different our culture is.
This is where the fun starts, and it\'s easy.
Just apply a little nail polish on the rag and start rubbing to the scratch.
People talk about circular movement with Poland, it\'s really not technical, just don\'t rub back and forth in the same place for too long under too much pressure, heat is the enemy here, just like parking in the shade.
If the weather is too hot, Polish sticks like sh! t to a blanket.
It\'s simple, the scratch disappears when you rub Poland, and when Poland dries, it leaves white powder residue, which is normal.
In the last picture of this step, you will see a little residue above the handle, which is hard to see on a white car, but will appear in a darker color.
This is the last step, not difficult than the rest.
Grab the microfibre towel and wipe Polish residue after drying.
It is very powdered and will only wipe it off easily!
The scratches are gone!
Go find a very cold beer, open it, have a drink, step back and see how shiny the paint is under the door handle, and then invite a few friends around to see it.
Don\'t thank me, just make sure there are a few beers in the fridge if you go down this track.
You will be happy to know that the same process and materials can be used to polish any paint part of your car (
After that I made my whole car).
Any small scratches that do not pass through the transparent coating can be repaired with Poland, deeper scratches may require some application, you may need to polish them if they are deep, however, before sanding, think about how bad it actually is because after polishing it is a long process to restore the gloss.
Thank you for reading, I believe you enjoyed my reading very much.
Go out and Polish now!
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