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how to remove, repair, and install a sliding screen door

by:Hoone      2020-04-10
Replacement screen-
The difficulty and time to place the screen on the screen door is a simple operationit-
It\'s cheap to finish your own work.
If your screen is torn, or your screen is separated from the perimeter of the sliding door, you can fix it yourself.
In the range of 1 to 10, 1 is very easy, 10 is very difficult, I will give this job 2.
From start to finish, you can do this screen fix in less than an hour.
Before we begin to replace the screen in the sliding screen door, the tools for changing the screen are required to know that these instructions are also applicable to other types of window screens.
Here, we will pay special attention to the sliding screen door, including how to remove the door from the track.
You will want to prepare a set of gadgets before you start.
A screen spline roller tool 1a small flat spline roller tool small cross spline roller new spline roller tool 2 some small fixtures or tape1 spline roller tools-
The key shaft tool is a tool used to push the key shaft into the track.
This is the most important tool you may not have.
The spline rollers have different sizes, so you need to make sure you get the right spline rollers.
To be on the safe side, buy a tool at both ends so that you will not only be covered by this item, but also by another screen repair item. 2Spline -
The flower column is a long roll of rubber material that supports the screen.
If your door is not very old, you may find that your current Flower line is in good shape and you can reuse it.
The problem is that it\'s hard to know about it before you remove it, you can also re-stretch it at different speeds and then short it, so it\'s a good idea to pick up a new curve.
Step 1: Remove the sliding screen door for maintenance. In order to start the repair, we need to remove the sliding screen door.
The good news is that once you understand how it works, it\'s a very simple thing.
Sliding screen doors run on tracks on small wheels.
Most of them have only 2 wheels, one on each side.
These wheels are locked with pull screws on each side of the screen door.
It is precisely because of these pull screws that the wheels do not often get out of track.
In fact, if you find that your shield door is often off track, this may be due to the fact that these screws are too loose.
After this article, you will also know how to solve this small problem.
In the first picture here, the tension screw is highlighted in red.
Simply screw these down, but be sure to leave them on the door so you don\'t lose them.
You don\'t need to remove them completely.
You can move on to the next step once they are loose.
After releasing the tension screw, you can use the flat screwdriver to push the still wheels of the door up.
They are spring.
Once installed, you need to push them up with a screwdriver while pulling out the bottom of the door.
Start from one side and then do the same on the other.
Once both wheels are out of track and the door is tilted, you can pull it down from the frame.
Now that you have removed the sliding screen door from the door frame, it is time to proceed to remove the broken screen door.
Step 2: Before you start pulling the broken or torn screen from the sliding screen door, take a broken screen from the sliding screen door and you need to remove the handle.
The screen door handles have different styles, so this step can be easy or a bit tricky.
In the first picture here you will see a simple model where the only thing to do is remove the two screws and remove the handle.
The other side of the handle can be kept in place as the screen is not on that side.
Some handles need to be slightly twisted to cross the lock assembly.
If you have this type, just twist the handle around the lock knob (
This will need to stay where it is)to remove it.
Be careful not to force it.
Now that your handle is gone, it\'s time to start removing the flower line.
This is a rubber rope that is pressed in the groove that holds the position of the screen.
Check the perimeter of the screen door until you find the cutting end of the Flower line that will be together.
Work one end with a flat screwdriver until you can grab it with your hand.
Once you get to this point, you should be able to simply pull the flower strips out and walk around the door.
After removing the flower line, you can simply pick up the old screen and throw it away.
Step 3: install the new screen to the door of the sliding screen and it\'s time to play the fun part.
To install the new screen onto the sliding screen door, place the door on a flat surface, then expand the new screen and place it on the door.
Be careful at this time and have your screen directly on the door.
Look at the mesh of the screen along the edge and make it as square as possible.
When installing the screen, in order to keep the screen square, please fix it in place using some small clips or tape.
It\'s a little tight, but not too tight.
The fact that the screen is too tight will actually distort your door.
You just don\'t want to exercise, but it won\'t ruin the job at all.
You will see that the screen will want to move on you as you continue to work around the door, so just keep the best alignment and it will look good.
Now you can start a new installation.
If your old curve is in good shape, you can use it again at this step, but the new curve is not too expensive, which is a good idea.
To install the new screen, start a few inches away from the corner, just press the flower line on the screen and enter the groove of the door.
It\'s better not to start in the corner.
In this way, you will have a continuous spine on the corner, because the corner is the response.
Use the key shaft tool to push the key shaft down into the track.
You can continue and push it all the way as you go.
Continue to work at the door.
When you go to a corner, you will find that the spline roller tool can only let you go so far.
You can roll about an inch on either side.
Leave enough flower lines around the corner, then carefully push the flower lines into the corner with a flat head screwdriver.
A word or warning here
Be very careful at this step.
If you press hard and scratch the screen with a screwdriver, you can tear the screen, especially if you are using a fiberglass screen.
To avoid this, press the outside of the track with a screwdriver (
You will eventually cut off the side of the extra screen)
Not inside.
Step 4: End the repair work of sliding screen door. Now that your screen is fully locked in place with a flower keyway, it\'s time to finish the touch.
For this step, use a tool knife to work around the screen and cut off the excess material.
Be sure not to cut and damage your flower pillars in this step.
It is better to leave a small amount of screen material instead of cutting into the flower keyway.
When you get to a corner, just cut in from the corner at a 45 degree angle and continue down.
After removing all the extra screens, you can change the door handle.
Once you remove the excess screen material and reconnect the handle, you\'re almost done.
The only step left now is to change the door.
You remember how to start correctly by tilting the door in place to get the top into the track.
Then move the bottom of the door in place.
Pick up your flat screwdriver and press the wheel at the bottom of the door again until you can slide the door all the way back to track.
If you do it right, the door will move back and forth freely.
Once the door is back on track, tighten the pull screw back to the position where the door wheel is firmly placed on the track, you cannot lift the door up and down too freely. That\'s it! You\'re done.
I knew you could do it.
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