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installing decorative furniture knobs

by:Hoone      2020-05-23
In just a few minutes, you can update the look of the old furniture and even add your personal style to the new furniture.
They did a quick project on their own, but it was also a fun project for the whole family!
Go ahead and read below to see how to install the new decorative door handle.
Before Start: measure the thickness of the drawer.
Most furniture knobs come with screws, so you need to make sure it is long enough to go through your dresser, drawer or cabinet before ordering.
Decorative furniture knob from Trinca-Ferro.
Screw down and remove the knobs already in the furniture you want to redecorate.
Place the screws of the newly decorated door handle into the hole until the back panel or knob is flush with the furniture door.
The knob used is the red knob.
It can be used on drawers, dressers, cabinets and even hangers!
Once the knob is in place, place the washer on the screw on the inside of the furniture door and screw the nut to the back end of the screw.
For a comfortable fit, tighten the nut to the screw using pliers.
The back end of the screw may stand out a little.
Feel free to keep it as it is, and even cut it off if it sticks out too far.
Adjust and turn the knob on the outside of the drawer or door so that it is on the right side.
Step back and enjoy the new look of the furniture!
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