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introducing the cannon safe p22 patriot gun safe

by:Hoone      2020-04-16
The cannon safe P22 is a complete-
Safe for trademark cannon quality, safety and good appearance.
Its huge 1 \"steel composite door, 12-gauge Uni-
Body structure and strong interface. . .
The cannon safe P22 is a complete-
Safe for trademark cannon quality, safety and good appearance.
Its huge 1 \"steel composite door, 12-gauge Uni-
The main structure and solid Intertek ETL verified fire resistance at 30 min/1200 floor
The temperature level of the Patriot series is the ultimate value of storing your precious property.
There are three sizes available for P14, P22 and P40
The Patriot series of cannons offers maximum internal versatility and high safety-
Even if the building area is large.
These safes are finished with durable matte paint and come with stylized Silk
Patriot sign.
In this type of safe, no other safe can find the quality, quick access and value of the Patriot.
Three-wing expansion cold smoke expansion seal.
Large 4 \"thick steel composite doors, 1\" activities-
Lock the bolt and make sure to reinstall it multiple timeslockers. 3 layers extra-
Hard, 60 reinforced concrete
Plate protection lock, Truelock internal hinge, one-in-one structure of round edges, pre-
Drill bottom for connecting bolts to the floor, heavy duty 12-gauge.
Two convenient 110 V outlets inside the safe, computer-
The style external power plug runs to the wall, RJ45 Ethernet connection.
Quick overview * P22 Patriot gun safe * Intertek-ETL Verified -
1200 degrees Fahrenheit 30 minutes * high-
Safety commercial class type 1 electronic lock * finished shelves, walls and embedded door panels for luxury class interior decoration * heating-
When exposed to heat * smooth operation 3-The activated door seal expands many times
Spoke handle * Max
Gun capacity: 24 additional information Manufacturing: ChinaManufacturer cannon SafeManuf parts p22 model p22 weight 525.
0000 size 59 \"H x 30\" W x 24 \"special delivery expected delivery date (Call)
Transport weight 540.
Intertek-warranty lifetime warranty for burglary, fire or natural flood lock type electronic fire ratingETL Verified -
1200 F 30 min shelf quantity 4 adjustable shelf YesDoor thickness 4 \"thick steel composite door bolt thickness 1\"
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