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kitchen equipment; a knife sharpener is now even better

by:Hoone      2020-04-25
Written by pierre franeyjune 1991, this is a digital version of an article in the print archive of The Times, which was published online in 1996.
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Six years ago, I wrote an extraordinary new knife sharpener made by edgatta, a diamond sharpener chosen by the chef.
The machine has three pairs of inclined slots that guide the blade to a rotating stone embedded in tiny diamond particles.
The first group of slot pre-grinding blades are ready for subsequent fine grinding.
The chef\'s choice of pencil sharpener has been a great success with its ease of use and almost foolproof design.
A small design flaw became apparent after I used it for a while.
The grinding slot does not hold a small portion of the blade close to the handle.
That part of the blade is rarely used;
Nevertheless, it has caused some complaints from consumers.
Edgkid went back to the drawing board and produced a modified machine, the professional model 110, which corrected the problem.
This one goes from a peeling knife to 12-
One-inch chef knife.
First of all, you put the blade, its handle in the slot on the left, flush with the machine.
This is the pre-grinding stage.
The magnet inside the pencil sharpener keeps the blade at the right angle with the Spinning Diamondabrasive disk.
Leave the blade for about a second every 2 inch and slowly pull the knife over to you.
It is important to keep the cutting edge parallel to the table where the pencil sharpener is located.
Repeat with another slot during the pre-grinding stage.
After you use the pre-grinding knife table once, there is no need to use it again unless your blade is damaged.
The next two steps are the same.
Each stage has a finer edge on the blade to make it sharp.
The time between the roll knives depends on the use of the knife.
Diamond sharpening knife selected by chef (
Professional Model 110
At Macy\'s (Herald Square)
And the Hoffritz/tableware World store, as well as the mail order in the chef\'s catalogue ,(800)338-3232 (
Accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, explore), and Williams-
110 Sonoma and 7 th Avenue, 20 East 60 th Street, 16 th Street (
Order by phone :(415)421-
Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express 4242).
The recommended retail price is $79. 99.
In terms of cutting tools, Sabatier has introduced an excellent new product that is durable, comfortable and balanced.
Sabatier has been a confusing company for years as seven different factories have been authorized to produce knives under this name.
Therefore, you may see a military knife suit with a different logo in a different store.
The new production line is produced by the original company Thiers in France, and the production date can be traced back to 1834.
The new commercial Sabattier collection is exclusively imported by the French food company on the banks of the Konen River. ; (203)348-2070 or (800)255-3806.
High knife-
Carbon stainless steel, with a tapered blade, a smooth molded plastic handle and a Complete Tang structure in which the steel is extended to the docking of the handle, providing additional strength and durability.
Prices vary from store to store.
Suggested retail price for 10-1
Kitchen chef knife $78; four-
$33 an inch Peelerseven-
$45-inch filet knife; a five-
1-inch boning knife, $41; eight-
Cut a knife in inches, $54.
Bloomingdale\'s provides commercial Military knives (all stores), Macy\'s (all stores)
Dean and De Luca, 560 Broadway on Prince Street;
Panhandler, Broadway, 520, on Spring Street.
A version of this article was printed on page 8 of the national version of cinterest on June 19, 1991, with the title: kitchen equipment;
The cutter is better now.
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