kwikset just released a new smart lock that doesn’t even have a keyhole

by:Hoone      2020-04-01
The second-
The Kwikset Kevin lock generation is still our favorite.
Around the smart lock, but there\'s a new option in town to make it profitable.
This is also Kwikset, which is called Kwikset black obsi stone keyless electronic touch screen smart lock.
The most annoying thing about smart locks is that you can\'t rely entirely on them to completely stop carrying physical keys.
Sometimes they just stop working for no obvious reason and you need to go to your key as a backup.
This is not the case with black obsi stone locks.
You can control it from your smartphone, or you can enter your PIN code on the touch screen to unlock the door . . . . . . That\'s it.
No key holes at all, great!
You ask, what happens if the battery is dead? Simple —
There are two contacts at the bottom of the lock.
Just touch them with a 9 volt battery and you can enter your PIN to unlock the door.
Here are more highlights on the product page: Kwikset Satin dian keyless electronic touch screen smart lock, Satin Nickel: $179.
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