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leaky moen kitchen faucet repair

by:Hoone      2020-05-01
This Instructable would like to share some of my experience with a leaking Moen kitchen faucet.
My hope is that through my experience, if you have encountered a similar situation, you will also have some insight and confidence in solving this problem.
I will show you the photos and my YouTube videos step by step, which will help guide you through the steps I have taken (
And some of my mistakes).
Not all faucets are designed in the same way, but even if you have a slightly different faucet, the process can be similar and help you.
Video and photos include 2 videos (the ones above)
And a lot of photos (
Every step is below).
The first video shows the actual fix I had when I passed it, about 30 minutes.
The second video is a full original shot with some music in it. . . .
But I made it very high.
Interesting speed to show what is involved (
About 5 minutes long).
If you like, please give me a \"thumbs up\" on YouTube \". Thanks! The photos (
On all remaining pages of Instructure)
It was extracted from my previous repair of this sink, about 4 years before the current repair.
Average about 4 years before I have to replace the parts.
I need to open and clean the parts more often to maintain them as I believe it will help to extend the life.
A little-known secret is that Moen guarantees the life part of it.
If you have any questions, call your local National Moen headquarters and they will send you parts after filling out the form and sending them photos of your questions.
You need to figure out what tap you have.
They have a feature on their website that allows you to identify if you don\'t know or get your Moen fixtures from previous owners or builders (like I did).
You will not have a receipt in this case. No worries!
Just explain when filling out the form.
You need a Philips head for this job (\"+\")
Screwdriver, flathead (\"-\")
Screwdriver and adjustable wrench (
The thing I use is called \"pipe clamp \").
You need an Allen. key (hex)
But fortunately, it is by Moen (
As you will see in the video).
Just in case, there should be a set of Allen keys around you.
Moen will also provide a small plastic tool to help you turn the cartridge and release the old one so you can remove it and also align the new one.
I think that\'s all you need.
Download the instructions or schematic diagram online.
Study them for a general understanding and read the instructions, which include all the contents in this instruction.
However, if you don\'t understand or get confused by the instructions on the paper, the video and color photos in this description may help you solve the problem better.
Don\'t forget to turn off the water from the kitchen faucet!
I have a knob under my sink to cut off the water supply.
Also, there is a roll of paper towels or regular towels to wipe the mess because, as you can see in the video, even if the water is turned off, at some point some residual water from the spout and the cartridge will come out, A mess!
To remove the handle, flip the red/blue small plastic tip on the side of the handle (see video).
You will get a hole to get your allen key (hex tool)
And able to screw down the long screw where the handle is.
Then, remove the Dome (see photos)
This should just slide up and down.
It will reveal the black plastic sleeve you need to twist back
Screw down and disassemble clockwise.
Once you do, it shows a metal part, which is part of the handle mechanism kit.
This is the part where you can turn up and down and tilt to control the flow of water.
In the next step, you will continue to delete this content.
As you can see in the photo, you need to unscrew the screw with the Philips \"Screwdriver\" to remove the metal part of the handle mechanism.
In practice, the screw holds a small black plastic clip around a part of the metal mechanism and allows it to turn.
When you screw the screw, the sheet metal and the black plastic clip come out with the screw.
The black plastic clip (
Wound on metal handle mechanism)
It was screwed into the copper below. colored stem (
Part of the cartridge)
Because there are \"flat\" sides on the copper rod, only two possible ways can be adopted.
It doesn\'t matter in which way it does it, but you should make sure that the plastic is completely down and stuck to the copper rod.
Note: Try to remember the direction the metal part faces so you can put the handle back in place in the right way (
Will flip 180 otherwise-degrees). *See video!
Next you will see a loose white component sitting on it.
This is what I call the \"limit ring\" because there is a small raised flange on one side of it that limits the distance you can turn the metal parts left and right.
Remember the direction of the flange (
Otherwise you will have it flip 180 toodegrees).
As you can see in the photo (
And the video you should follow as well)
, You will now remove what I call the white \"limit ring\" and then take a small metal gasket installed on the top of the cartridge (the copper-
Screw in the color center part of the screw from the previous step).
Then you need to screw down the larger sleeve below (
Dark brown or black in the photo).
The bottom of this sleeve actually has a white ring inside (
As you will see later).
The purpose of this sleeve is to hold your mouth (
It sits on it).
There are also two planes at the top of the sleeve, so if it\'s hard to turn the counter, you can use the pipe clamp to screw it down at this stage
Release clockwise.
At the end of this step, you should be able to slide the spout down in the next step.
The first picture shows all the parts you should have at this time.
We\'re almost over!
Now, we will remove the spout and clip that are housed in the cartridge.
As you can see in the photo, the spout should slide down.
You will see a copper once it is off
Black rubber O-color part left
There\'s a ring on it. Your bullets are in it.
You will notice a small clip on top of the cartridge.
You can loosen and remove the clip using a flat screwdriver.
Once the clip is off, in the next steps I will show you how to use Moen-
Cartridge removal tool provided.
In the box of the new cartridge, you will find a white plastic sheet (
As shown in the first photo)
Slide on your cartridge.
Turn the cartridge with pliers (
In any direction)to loosen it.
It doesn\'t screw in, but it will blend together over time, making it more difficult to pull straight up and out.
Once you release the cartridge by screwing a little in both directions, then you can swing it up and finally take out the entire cartridge.
We\'re almost going to take things apart!
Notice in the first picture
Ring on copper
Color base of faucet.
You should get these 2 rubber.
Ring with some lubricating oil.
Either they are separate or they will be placed in a box with a big mouth.
I almost put the O in the box-
There were rings inside because I didn\'t see them after I removed the spout!
So be sure to open all your packages completely. Use a flat-
Remove old O-screwdriver
Wear your new rings carefully so you don\'t scratch or tear them with a screwdriver.
They should also be lubricated with the grease provided, which is good and thick.
This helps the spout to spin well and keep it tight so as not to leak!
Important: Before reassembling the whole thing (
In the reverse order you see in this structure)
Please pay attention to the plastic sleeve on the top of the spout (
It puts the spout down)
There is a white \"ring\" inside \"(
Maybe \"bearing \"? ).
You can see this in the picture. . . The old one (Black)
There is a white ring inside, with a flat side inside and a thinner side outside.
The replacement is actually supplied in two parts. . .
They changed my color to \"tan (
Not black)
There is also a white ring that is separate, so you have to insert it yourself and you will hear a click.
Congrats, you removed the whole sink.
Now you have to put it back together!
Step in reverse order (
Watch the video and see how I take it apart and reassemble the whole thing)
As shown below. PUT IT BACK:1.
Replace 2 O-
Ring on the copper base of the faucet and lubricate it. 2.
Slide the spout back to the copper base.
Insert the new cartridge and turn it with a white tool for proper alignment (see video)4.
When queuing, it will allow you to slide the metal clip that is housed in the cartridge-
Don\'t forget to put the small metal wash back.
Screw off black/beige sleeves of Spout
Remember, it should have a white ring inside, in the appropriate position.
Place the white \"limit ring\" on the top and the flange points to the right.
Slide the plastic clip onto the metal handle mechanism part and screw it into the ink cartridge (see video)-
You will screw the handle mechanism back to the top of the cartridge-
Test it by rollover and lifting up and down
It should behave exactly as it was before. . .
If not, check again.
Now you can screw on the larger black plastic sleeve (
Under the chrome dome)9.
Swipe on chrome dome10.
Attach your handle with Allen
Key screw, cover the hole with plastic red/blue plug!
Believe me, it will be easier and more meaningful once you do it a few times.
Watch the video!
Then serve your family and friends to help you fix the leaking kitchen faucet.
If you like this note, don\'t forget to rate it and give a thumbs up on YouTube.
I appreciate it. Thanks!
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