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malfunctioning plug led to teenager\'s fatal electrocution in shower

by:Hoone      2020-05-03
A faulty plug caused a metal shower head in Bukit Batok apartment to become \"charged\", which resulted in the fatal electric shock death of a teenager in November 1, 2016.
Police investigators revealed this in a coroner\'s investigation on Tuesday (10 April)
15 dead-year-Tan Yao Bin
The official told the court that Tan had been electrocuted when he touched the shower head on the evening of November 29. The three-
A survey official from the energy market administration said that the pin plug for the water heater used to connect to the shower head is not only faulty, but also uses the wrong equipment (EMA)
-The regulator of the Electricity Act, which includes provisions for safe use of electricity.
On the night of the incident, Tan\'s family was also at home.
Tan\'s brother heard a \"Big shout\" from the inside and removed the door of the toilet.
He found Tan lying on the water flow in the pool and was shocked when he tried to touch the victim.
Tan\'s family quickly turned off the power at home and called an ambulance.
A few hours later, Tan was pronounced dead at Huang tengfang hospital.
In the case of Tan, neutral wires and ground wires fuse together
The pin plug connected to the water heater has been fused because the current generated by the water heater exceeds the current that the plug can handle.
The excess current heats the wire, melts and melts together.
This causes the current to flow into the metal parts of the water heater, including the connected shower heads, causing them to be \"charged \".
EMA officials said that while the circuit breaker in the apartment should catch the current leak and cut off the power to the socket, it was also found to be faulty.
Tan\'s eldest brother asked the court whether it was EMA\'s job to ensure the safe use of electricity in the family and whether the authorities did not perform their duties.
EMA officials told the court that the installation of small daily appliances such as water heaters does not fall under its jurisdiction.
However, the inspection of the water heater itself shows that it works well.
The manufacturer\'s manual is also recommended not to use three-pin plugs.
An investigation into the timing of the last Test of the apartment circuit breaker and what happened when the water heater was installed is in progress.
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