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mamptons is a masculine version of the hamptons style

by:Hoone      2020-04-04
It looks darker and more modern than the traditional Hampton style.
The whole photo is the Ascot 36 of the boutique home displayed at the officer\'s house.
Picture: boutique home: available in traditional homes in Hampton-
Holiday playground for Americans and celebrities-
You will find that everything is white.
The appearance is to embrace the soft coastal feel by neutral base, blue hint and a small amount of nautical decorationthemed pieces.
But if one
The white interior is not your thing, you may want to follow the leadership of the boutique residence, which has a new understanding of the popular decoration style by giving it the male advantage and dubbing it.
\"It\'s more of a moody look, and the deeper colors add warm and rich elements to the space,\" says interior designer Katie Hilary, who created the search for boutique homes.
\"It\'s a good mix.
Like the style of the Hamptons, but modern.
Black and gray are the key colors.
Source: The appearance of supply but is definitely coastal.
Source: SuppliedDark and light Hillary said that when she was looking for Ascot 36 to show her home in officer, she was inspired by interior designer Darren Palmer, etc, he confidently uses dark color palettes to create bold and eye-catching interior designs.
She chose warm charcoal ash instead of white to highlight features related to the Hampton style, such as molded, waterproof, and wood wall paneling.
She brings to the room by using a dark base color on the wall, using cabinets and white on trim, such as plantation blinds, stone countertops, cornice, skirting boards and windows and door frames
This is to \"make dark shades more popular,\" she said \".
She recommends the use of light-colored wood tones, not white, for key components such as coffee tables, bedside tables, beds, entertainment equipment and tables.
\"These can still look like the coast, but they won\'t be traditional white,\" she said . \".
Black is also the key to creating a definition, but she suggests using it less to avoid heavy looks, Clinton said. MS
Photo frames, dining chairs, light fixtures, bar stools, tapware and door handles are all perfect for a black accent.
MS Hilary says you can personalize the look of your home by adding hints of other colors and soften the male effect (
Teal or blush pink works very well with charcoal).
Create a defined black accent.
Source: The natural wood supplied works in the well.
Source: furniture touch, supplier of furniture front, simple-
The inner liner is ideal when guiding the Mamptons feel.
MS Hillary Clinton said the room would remain open and attractive to keep the furniture in light.
She also suggested layering of textured items such as natural stone and bronze leather to complement the male style.
\"It will bring in other design elements, not just every piece of wood, wood, they can get too much --
\"Especially when you also have wood floors,\" she explained . \".
She said the statement
The foundation of this style is debris, so don\'t be too small
Imagine the luxurious big sofa, a huge coffee table and a four
Create a poster bed with a sense of presence.
\"Size is a big factor in Hampton\'s interior design --
The bigger the better;
\"Space is provided to allow it,\" she said . \".
If your space is tight, she recommends reducing the number of items in the room instead of buying smaller items.
\"So, in the living room, you can use a big sofa and a coffee table instead of trying to put two small sofas,\" she said . \".
There are so many elements that make this look beautiful, she added.
\"Whether it\'s a cold winter night or a midsummer, the textures, layers and dark, warm colors are very appealing.
\"This look works well in both summer and winter.
Source: The Edge of the masculine tone of the supply green.
Source: supply get Mamptons look ■ Add large and beautiful cushions to the sofa and adhere to the principle that less is more.
Use three or four mats of 60 cm x 60 cm instead of many smaller ones.
Balance the room.
If your sofa is dark, lean on the light carpet and choose the dark one if your sofa is light.
It is to make it uniform between all your furniture;
The goal is to contrast, not to merge parts.
■ Bring the character to a space with a plush rope
Weave the carpet instead of a plain or lightweight design.
■ Avoid fixtures that are closed because the space looks too dark.
Black or silver accessories or exposed glass tonesbulb designs.
■ Design coffee tables in nostalgic style, such as old-fashioned ones
The world glass kettle displays flowers with some old paperback booksshop.
Take off the cover and tie five or six books together with a rope for a classic vintage look.
■ Layer space with artificial texture
Fur and linen mats.
■ Looking for artwork without light and bright images of the coast;
Head to Moody\'s coastal scene.
Source: Katie Hilaryboutiquehomes. com.
The colors of AuTimber and gray break White.
Source: The supply planning shutter captures the charm of the coast.
Source: vendor originally released as you have heard of Hampton-
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