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new august smart locks know who\'s coming and going

by:Hoone      2020-06-13
In August, the home technology company just released a new door lock and doorbell camera.
The company\'s latest lock has a sensor that can tell when the door is on or off and send you an alert on your phone.
Smart home kits like SmartThings already offer similar features.
The lock still has classic features from previous generations, such as automatic unlocking when your phone is within a certain distance, as well as providing virtual keys to guests.
Attract more people to leave their keys
The company dropped its regular smartphone lock price from $149 to $229 in August.
Its main lock, the $279 Smart Lock Pro for August, now works with wi-fi bridge.
It works with voice Assistant Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, although you can\'t yell \"Alexa, open the front door\" from the outside in order to rob the house \".
They thought of it.
Related report: Nest released a cheaper, redesigned Thermostat E. The company also released a new version of the doorbell camera on October.
The doorbell Cam Pro for $9 in August 19 now has a floodlight, so you can see which teenagers are Ding-
Dong dumped you late at night.
The device has also been adjusted to record a few more seconds before each event, so you can see the person coming and going.
Inspired by the Airbnb boom, the first lock was launched four years ago in August.
This is the technical expert\'s answer to the eternal question: which flowerpot do you hide the spare house key under? Now the smart-
With the development of smart home, the lock market is more crowded.
Security products for startups like Ring and more mature companies like Schlage.
With entry-level lock prices down, August may try to attract more people who don\'t consider the Internet --connected lock.
For similar reasons, Nest lowered the price of its thermostat connection last month.
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