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by:Hoone      2020-06-08
A toy train-
On Tuesday, the size of the robot lit up a lingering mystery in history, but let scientists and television viewers peek through a hidden door of the Egyptian pyramid and find another look.
This is another sealed door. . .
This is very important, \"said Zahi Hawass, director of Egypt\'s Supreme Antiquities Council, excitedly as the robot played its first picture.
The robot -
Known as the pyramid Rover
It took two hours to climb through a narrow shaft, drill through a door, and then push over with a camera attached to the thin cable to see what was behind.
The lens shows a small, neat space supported by a vertical, pure stone surface.
The next step for researchers, Hawass said, is to study the footage and plan to check further, which could take up to 12 months.
Popular news Joe Biden, along with engineers from the Boston company iRobot and researchers from National Geographic magazine, led CBS News polls into the SCA of the controversial police video mass blackout Hong Kong protester Havas, made a one-year plan for Tuesday\'s event.
\"I enjoyed the moment of discovery.
We were not disappointed. . .
Tim Kelly, president of National Geographic\'s television and film division, told The Associated Press after the show, \"Our mission is to succeed . \".
Fox TV and the National Geographic channel broadcast live footage of robots moving slowly towards the door along a 200 feet-long shaft, allowing TV viewers and scientists to watch the so-called \"Chamber of Secrets\" at the same time \".
\"On the radio, Havas found a coffin in a grave near the Great Pyramid, and he opened the lid of the coffin and found another discovery, obviously, this complete skeleton dates back to the time when the pyramid was built about 4,500 years ago.
But this is only a prelude to the last episode of the show, and the show on TV is full of the reproduction of the pyramid building and the analysis of the other pharaohs
Discover the World Famous times on the Giza Plateau.
When the robot starts moving slowly along the rough road
Along an axis that surfaced with a limestone door decorated with two brass handles, its path is illuminated in blue
A world with lights and live broadcasts.
Those grooves you see
On the shaft wall)
Fingerprints (pyramid\'s)
\"Workers,\" Havas told a National Geographic staff member while watching a TV screen that showed the robot\'s progress.
The engineer sends instructions from a room inside the pyramid through a cable to control the movement of the robot.
Tons of stones around make radio control unfeasible.
The great pyramid built by Hufu 4,500 years ago, also known as Cheops, has four narrow shafts.
It is the most magnificent of all the pyramids in Egypt, composed of two pyramids.
3 million stone, with almost no loss compared to the original height of 481 feet and the width of 756 feet.
For more than a century, archaeologists have been thinking about why such shafts should be built and what secrets they might have.
Havas said that these axes may play a symbolic role in Hufu\'s religious philosophy.
Hufu claimed to be the sun god all his life.
The pharaoh before him believed that they were the Sun God after death.
When designing a pyramid, he may try to reflect his thoughts. The shafts -measuring 8-inch-square -
Not designed for the human channel.
IRobot\'s engineers benefited from the experience of the German team, who delivered the robot to the gate in 1993 and spent $250,000 over the past six months designing their pyramid roaming
Hufu\'s pyramid has never produced treasures that are usually related to Pharaoh, perhaps because tomb thieves robbed it thousands of years ago.
Abou El of Nadia-
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