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pet entry and exit panels for sliding glass doors

by:Hoone      2020-06-21
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The JpgPetSafe panel is made for sliding glass doors.
Pet doors give dogs and cats the freedom to go out in the backyard when curious or in need of tips.
However, if the door is made up of sliding glass pet owners with glass doors, it is now possible to join those who avoid pet scratches when making very strong requests.
PetSafe\'s sliding glass pet door is an adaptive panel that can be installed without changing the slider.
The panel has an aluminum frame that can be adjusted according to the track of the sliding glass door, so there is no need to cut or measure the custom size for the installation.
Pet panels are fitted with left or right open doors, with wind and rain devices to block elements, and two latches that allow sliding doors to be locked when pet doors are in place.
Pet doors have tempered glass panels but can be folded for easy transportation to the holiday apartment or when moving.
Sliding glass pet door has three sizes, small opening size ($199. 99), medium ($209. 99)
Or a large dog weighing less than 100 pounds ($234. 99).
Detailed size information is available at AtPetSafe.
A network that sells pet doors and other pet products.
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