russia tested nerve agent on door handles, monitored ex-spy before poisoning, uk intelligence dossie

russia tested nerve agent on door handles, monitored ex-spy before poisoning, uk intelligence dossier claims

by:Hoone      2020-04-07
An explosive U. K.
Intelligence files released Friday\'s claim that the door handle used by the Russian test was used as a way to influence the front of people\'s nerve gas.
This is how the spy and his daughter were poisoned last month.
In a letter to NATO, British national security minister Sir Mark cedewell, the Kremlin said that the Kremlin had established a project in the 2000 s codenamed Foliant, the project tested the means of transporting chemical warfare agents and \"trained special forces personnel to use these weapons\"
\"The project then included an investigation into the way nerve drugs were delivered, including an application to the door handle,\" he wrote, according to the Guardian . \".
\"Over the past decade, Russia has produced and stored a small number of noviko under the same plan.
The daughter of the Poisoned Spy Sergei scripal rejected the Russian helicopter. K.
Officials say Sergei scripar, 66, and his 33year-
In March 4, the old daughter Yulia was poisoned when she was in contact with a chemical neurologist at her home in Salisbury.
Samples taken from home found high concentrations of neurofactors-believed to be Soviet --
Novichock produced on the door handle.
The letter, addressed to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenbeg, underlines the British belief that Russia should be responsible for the poisoning of Russians.
Russia denies all involvement.
In addition, the evidence written by Sedwill shows that Russian military intelligence has targeted e-mail accounts of the two victims since at least 2013.
Russia believes at least some defectors are \"legitimate targets for assassination\", he said \". -
A former member of the Russian military intelligence service was sent to prison after working with the United States in 2004. K. --
On the list.
The report said that Sergei, Yulia scripal will get a new identity to live in the United States. \"We have information that Russian intelligence is interested in skrippa, at least dating back to 2013 when e.
\"Mail accounts belonging to Yulia are the target of GRU network experts,\" Grwill wrote . \".
At a press conference scheduled before the letter was sent, the Russian ambassador to the United StatesK.
Yakuvenko says he is not familiar with the latest allegations.
\"If someone is engaged in espionage, why doesn\'t the British service complain about it,\" Sky News reported . \".
\"We have not heard any signs and applications from the UK side.
\"The letter was made public the next day after investigators from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed the results of the British investigation, which showed that the Skripals were poisoned by the military.
Nerve agent grade
The regulator did not say who was poisoned.
On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the report did not help Britain\'s allegations that Moscow was behind the attack.
\"What I want to emphasize is that the organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons only confirms the composition of the chemical agent,\" Lavrov said at a press conference . \".
Yulia Skripal, 33, has been discharged from hospital.
Her father is still in the hospital, but British health officials say he is getting better.
Russia has accused British officials of isolating Sri Parr\'s daughter.
It asked for contact with her and urged the UK to share the evidence of the case.
The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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