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secret candlestick switch

by:Hoone      2020-05-23
You can implement many different types of secret compartments.
You can find many good examples in the instructures series: secret doors, drawers, and compartments.
You can use a normal door to disguise it as something else.
You can make a rotating bookshelf.
You can create fake walls.
Unlimited possibilities, so use your imagination.
The picture above is from: Stryker @ Goose @ flaming_pele!
@ Secret compartment closed with some sort of latch.
The latch is suitable for this kind of application because it is fairly sturdy and fairly easy to install.
I would recommend using a simple latch with no locks like the wardrobe as they are easier to use.
So this will be the main latch we use in this project.
However, you can also use other types of latches such as cabinet latches, window latches, and even fence latches.
However, if you use one of them, you may need to modify your constructor a little bit.
The easiest way to activate the latch with a candle stick is to put one of the door handles with the candle holder.
You may need to modify or replace the spindle for this purpose (
Connecting two door handles to the bar on the latch).
You also need to make some brackets to connect the spindle to the candle holder.
Most door handle spindle is too long to fit the candle holder on the wall.
So you can cut it a little short, or you can replace it.
For prototyping, I replaced the spindle with a square stake of 1/4.
However, I strongly recommend using steel in your finished product.
Turning the door handle creates a lot of torque and the stakes will soon wear out.
To connect the spindle to the candle holder, I made a small stand with a piece of scrap metal sheet.
I trace the spindle back to the center of the metal.
Then I cut an X in the corner opposite the square.
I then bend the sides down to form a square opening where the stakes can pass through.
You may also need to add a screw and washer to the back to help install the candle holder on the pin.
Once you have your new spindle installed on the candle holder, you can insert it into another door handle via the latch.
You can then open the latch using a candle holder like a normal door handle.
You can easily install the latch and candle holder in a standard door covered or disguised (
Although you may want to install them higher on the door so that the height of the candle holder is more reasonable).
Alternatively, you can install the latch and candle holder on the wall next to the door and place the strike plate on the door.
It should be the same.
All you need to do is have a separate handle so you can open the door.
It is not always convenient to install a candle holder on or next to your secret door.
If so, you can connect the candle holder to the latch with a cable.
To do this, you need some wire and a pair of brackets to connect the wire to the spindle.
You can make these brackets like connecting the spindle to the candle holder.
Cut X on a piece of metal plate, bend the label slightly and press the spindle through the center.
Then drill a small hole in the metal larger than the wire.
This is where we connect the wires to the stand.
Orient the bracket so that when the holder turns clockwise, the wire also turns the second bracket clockwise (
See above).
Pass the wires through the holes and bend them into hooks so that they are not loose when they are pulled by the brackets.
After installing the candle holder on the second spindle bar, you should be able to activate the latch.
Just turn the candle holder.
This turns the spindle, turns the bracket, pulls the cable, turns the first bracket, turns the first spindle that finally activates the latch.
A simple setting like this allows you to place a candle holder not far from the latch and still be able to mechanically activate it.
However, the process can be very complicated if you need to get the cable through the bolts.
So choose your location carefully.
You can also start the circuit with a candle holder.
All you have to do is install an electrical switch on the wall behind the candle holder.
You can then connect the switch to the motor that opens your secret compartment.
You can even use a DPDT switch or two SPDT switches to turn the motor in both directions.
To start the switch, I made another stand for the candle holder.
This one just has a flat one, bending and fitting between buttons.
When the candle stick turns in one direction, it presses the first switch.
When it turns in another direction, it presses the second switch.
To avoid short circuit of the wire on the metal candle holder, I put a masking tape on the switch and on the wire.
Then I cut a crack on the tape so that the holder can still press two buttons.
Finally, I connect the wire from the switch to the power supply and the motor.
This setting will allow you to activate a wide variety of circuits by turning the candle holder slightly.
It can be something as small as a car door lock motor or something as big as a garage door opener.
Use your imagination to the fullest.
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