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shattered tables: the dangers of glass

by:Hoone      2020-06-07
In his basement, David Chesney kept the frame of a metal patio table with a missing glass top on it, which severely reminded his daughter of a scene
Jada, 11 months old, was sitting at the table, facing her father at the time of the accident.
\"All of a sudden, all of a sudden, it\'s like a loud noise,\" said Chesney, who lives in the Pearl Mountain of Nando.
\"My hand went up and Jada fell a bit back.
\"When she fell off the glass, the debris left an\" open crack \"on her baby\'s cheek,\" says Chesney \".
\"Just like you took a razor, you just walked around her face.
\"The damage to the glass desktop is not uncommon.
According to the Consumer Union, in the United States, it is estimated that 20,000 people are seriously injured in glass tables every year.
Profits from the publication of the journal Consumer Reports.
Canada does not have national statistics, but BC Children\'s Hospital in Vancouver says their emergency room doctor has treated 57 children with glass table accidents in the last 15 years.
\"The numbers may be higher,\" said spokesman Tracy Tang . \".
\"These figures only reflect the tear that was specifically noted as a result of the breakdown of the glass table.
\"The CBC decided to test different types of glass crushing methods to see if tables could be made with safer materials.
At the Vancouver glass repair shop they have replaced a large number of desktops and I took a hammer to a coffee table made of plain glass and another one made of tempered glass (
Wear safety glasses and gloves, of course).
When the ordinary glass is broken into a razor
Sharp pieces, tempered glass experienced several impacts before breaking in the third attempt.
When the tempered glass is finally broken, it breaks into a small cube on the rounded edge.
Tempered glass, also known as a kind of safety glass, is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass.
\"If you fall to a table with regular glass, the injury can be fatal,\" said Tom Renney, an employee at Vancouver glass . \".
11-last December-
A one-year-old girl is bleeding to death in Providence. I.
After falling off the glass table
So why not all glass desktops are made of tempered glass?
Glass doors and windows near the door must be made of tempered glass, but there is no such standard on the table.
\"I think this is a problem that the government should address and change the rules,\" Rennie said . \".
Canada told CBC-
Federal agencies are monitoring the event to \"better understand the security\" TV market
There may be related issues with these types of products.
A Health Canada spokesman admitted that they had been aware of the problem for many years.
Back in his basement, Chesney took out a black plastic trash bag filled with scars left by his daughter in 2005.
When he bought the table, he said the shop clerk told him that the glass was tempered.
But these pieces don\'t look like tempered glass.
\"If you ask anyone and you show it to anyone, they say it\'s not correct,\" he said . \".
There is even no standard to ensure the correct manufacture of tempered glass.
So Chesney won\'t take any more chances.
Because Canada could not guarantee that the glass table was safe, he said he would never buy it again.
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