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sliding screen doors-perfect for your house

by:Hoone      2020-06-11
Sliding doors are very useful for your main entrance and for the rest of your house: back door or patio door.
They protect you from nasty insects and excessive sun and heat.
In addition, they provide you with intimate relationships in the house as they cover large glass doors that make it impossible for others to see inside.
In the summer, if you keep using the air conditioner all the time, keeping a comfortable temperature in the house can cost you a lot of money.
With sliding screen doors, you can keep the doors open in the morning and at night when the air is fresh and cool.
You can enjoy a lovely night in your comfortable living room without being disturbed by insects flying around.
These doors are also very useful when you lock your pet in.
The main advantage of sliding screen door the advantage of sliding screen door is that the space is very small.
When you don\'t™They are actually invisible.
In the cold season, a narrow frame supports the panel around the door, which is everything you see when you don\'t use the panel.
These doors are not only useful, but also an aesthetic addition to your home.
Choose a color that matches the door and exterior colors of your home.
In addition, make sure that the handle of the sliding screen door is similar to the handle of the main door.
Sliding screen door material sliding screen door™The hardware and frame can be made of aluminum, wood or plastic.
The mesh can be made of durable fabric or plastic.
Each material has advantages and disadvantages.
The wood is elegant but needs maintenance.
In addition, since the shape of the wood is affected by humidity, the sliding system may cause problems in a timely manner.
Aluminum, on the other hand, is very durable and will last for decades, but will not™Looks as elegant as wood.
The plastic is light and cheap, but it is easy to fall off.
In addition, plastic scratches are very fast due to the exposure of the Sun, losing the original color.
However, the first thing you need to consider when buying a screen door is what material your main door is made.
If your entrance door is metal, you should slide the screen door with aluminum.
Instead, if you have wooden doors in your house, the screen frame should also be made of wood.
Material from the network is also important.
If you only want to protect insects, not sunlight and heat, a white net is enough.
If you also want to have a beautiful shadow in your house, buy a net made of dark materials.
Usually, the mesh made of high-quality natural fiber is longer than the plastic mesh.
Sliding screen door installation and maintenance if you are purchasing this door, the first step is to take the correct measurement method.
Sliding screen doors should be a little larger than the main door-\"they should be around 1 inch around the main door frame.
Only then can you™I will enjoy the full protection of the sun and insects.
When you buy one, ask the manufacturer or seller if all the hardware you need for your installment payment is included.
You need frame, screen stand, screws and handle.
You can start installing sliding screen doors if you have all the components.
Before fixing the frame with screws, make sure that once you add the screen, there is no space between the wall of the House and the screen.
Tighten the frame and add enough screws.
After installing the hardware, all you have to do is put the screen inside.
At first, the sliding mechanism may be a bit hard to manipulate, but after a few days of use it becomes more loose and you can turn it on and off from a single move.
As for maintenance,™It is very important to remove the panels every fall to avoid damage caused by wind, rain or snow.
If you have a wooden sliding screen door you have to re-pain or re-
Paint the wood every year.
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