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the beauty of glass door knobs.

by:Hoone      2020-05-29
Back in the past, the glass door knobs were all the rage, and almost every new bungalow, artisan and ranch-style home had sparkling knobs that reinforced the home decor.
Finding the vintage glass door knob in good condition today can be a challenge.
While you may have some success at flea markets and antique stores, it can be a hassle to have the old hardware fit your modern door.
That said, where is there a road, right?
With a little persistence and patience, you can still buy the retro glass door knob set online.
The old glass door knobs come in a variety of styles with traditional groove styles, Whirlpool, pumpkin shapes, oval shapes and octagonal shapes.
Even the classic glass bar design is available!
Consider quality when looking for these styles. After all, cheap-made knobs will lose their gloss quickly after installation.
What\'s worse, they tend to crash in your hands!
Look for real steel ingot and solid brass handle.
The original style of these knobs dates back to the early 18 th century when the inventor discovered how to press the molten glass into the iron mold.
The actual mold, known as the die mold, is reusable by highGrade cast iron.
The craftsman engrave the knob geometry into cast iron, and the molten glass will be pressed into the mold.
After World War I, the glass knobs were initially popular in the United States, mainly due to a shortage of copper and brass.
Back in the past, the rating of the glass door knob came by face, similar to the rating of the jeweler on the diamond.
The door handle has six to fourteen sides with bubbles in front showing the star burst inside.
Later, the manufacturer began to insert mirror cardboard on the back of the knob in order to better reflect the light through the star burst design.
Some of the styles of these knobs, though rare, have bright, bright colors such as amber and violet.
Another not good
Known for its style known as Vaseline glass, and gained a unique green color
The color is yellow by adding uranium oxide to the glass.
To make the children happy during the day, these knobs give out bright light when exposed to black light. The good news?
All these styles are still available today.
Look for solid brass and glass construction. The quality of these vintage knobs may vary and you will want to avoid cheap glass door knobs.
Don\'t assume that the knob design of your choice will fit your door automatically, looking for knobs that can be used with modern style doors.
Finally, be ready to pay for your passion!
The price of the sixty-two-sided glass door knob can be quite expensive, so you \'d better find a bargain online.
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