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the filthiest parts of the office revealed

by:Hoone      2020-06-09
Keyboard is one of the worst places for bacteria, especially when you eat at your desk.
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Source: suppliedits is a rare office that can be considered Spotless
But most people are dirtier than you think.
Research shows that one out of every six employees is sick due to bad office dirt and dirt, which, according to the original Hygeine, could cost their company millions a year
This is also a big concern for workers, 1 out of 3 employees are worried about the cleaning of office space, and employees said that overall, better hygiene will make them happier at work.
Natalie Howard, marketing manager at Hygeine, said the office could be much dirtier than people\'s homes, because usually no one is directly in charge of the space.
\"The way people treat the office sink is that they don\'t do it at home . . . . . . They were in a hurry at work and she said: \"They felt it was not their property or someone would clean it up after them . \".
\"People do things differently in the office than they do at home because there is no impact.
\"Ms. Howard nominated the best place for Office dirt --
You were warned.
Kitchen Kettle and tea pot-
You may not want to listen, but this seemingly benign device may be full of bacteria as it is usually the first place after people visit the bathroom.
Ewww, it may be time to get a pair of pliers to get those tea bags. The phone -
According to the original Hygeine, this is the most polluted object on the table, with 25,127 microorganisms per square inch, much more than the toilet with 49 microorganisms per square inch.
It\'s nice to think about it next time you attend a conference call. The desk -
The average number of bacteria per table is 400 times that of a regular toilet seat.
Most of it boils down to more and more workers having lunch there.
\"A lot of people eat on their tables, so the food is there.
\"If you turn the keyboard and shake it, you will find a lot of things coming out,\" Howard said . \" MS.
Keyboard is one of the worst places for bacteria, especially when you eat at your desk.
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Source: computer mouse supplier-
It sits in your hot little hands all day, so it\'s not surprising that research shows that the number of bacteria carried on inconspicuous mice is more than three times the number of bacteria on the toilet seat. Keyboards -
The gap between keys makes the keyboard one of the most serious criminals, with more than 3000 times the bacteria found on your toilet seat.
If you want to give them a basic cleaning, scrub them with an antibacterial wipesup. The bathroom -
Polls show that one out of every three office staff does not go to the bathroom to wash their hands every time, making the bathroom a major source of bacteria throughout the office.
Close men say they avoid office bathrooms at the busiest time of the day, while women are close.
Although men say they will avoid office toilets altogether, women are 18.
\"We \'ve actually talked to people through research groups and they said they would go when they got home and stick to it until they came back from the office, added Howard MS, some sales reps on the road will be strategically drinking water for the whole day.
Bathroom door handle and toilet seat-
The toilet itself is filled with gut-related bacteria, indicating contamination of the feces, but the flush handle and the bathroom door handle are also the culprit.
So how do you avoid these dirty things?
The simple advice, Howard says, is to wash your hands properly for 20 seconds at a time, or \"two sentences of Happy Birthday \". MS.
What is the risk of cleaning your office?
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