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the helmholtz, the doctor, the minotaur, and the labyrinth.

by:Hoone      2020-06-15
The classic myths of the bull, the bullhead and the labyrinth of Crete are reborn with all its retelling, reception and appropriation.
Victor perlevan\'s novel The helmet of terror2006)
Toby Westhouse\'s doctor, The God Complex (2011)
Learn from classical mythology and show how consumerism culture and art misappropriate myths.
Each retelling itself is a maze.
Both questions question the possibility of progress and civilization.
Both claim that, according to the acceptance of the same myth, Theseus and the bullhead, the hero and the monster, may be the same person.
To begin with a brief summary of the classical mythology, Minos prayed that a bull was sent by toporseton to prove that the throne of Crete was sacred.
After Minos ascended to the throne, he did not give the bull to Poseidon as he promised.
For this reason, Poseidon punished him and made his wife, pasipa Hai, fall in love with the bull.
It is with the bull, hidden in the wooden cow built by daedaros.
She had a son, nicknamed the bullhead monster, who had a bull in his upper body and a man in his lower body.
Minos hid his wife\'s son and locked it in the underground maze built by daedaros.
After a while, a war broke out between Crete and Athens, the latter lost.
As a tribute, seven young men and seven young women Athenians were sent to Crete every nine years and swallowed up by them.
Theseus, son of the King of Athens, eheius, volunteered to be one of the sacrifices so that he could slaughter the bullhead and end the court sacrifice.
Ariadne, daughter of the Sea of Minos anpasa
The sister of the bullhead fell in love with Theseus.
She helped him out of the maze with a line.
She told Theseus to tie one end of the line to the only entrance and exit of the maze, untie it as he passes through the maze, and follow its trail on the way out of the abyss.
After killing the bull head, Theseus escaped with Ariadne.
He promised to marry her in exchange for her help.
However, on his way back to Athens, Theseus abandoned Ariadne, who slept on the island.
He finally married her sister, Felipe.
The horror helmet is a contemporary acceptance of classical mythology.
In the novel, eight kidnapped characters, while trying to escape the room and the maze, replace the sacrifices of the court, just as virtual reality games replace the actual sacrifices.
The whole novel is written on the Internet in the form of online chat.
Ariadne, one of the characters, has already started this thread and entered thata dwarf to ask her questions in a dream before locking her in the room: \"I will build a maze with anyone trying to find me, in which I can lose myself ---
Who said this? \"(Pelevin 1).
At first, readers may be inclined to think that the answer must be a maze of daedaros and Crete.
After all, he built the maze.
Minos used him as a punishment for helping Ariadne and Theseus.
Nevertheless, it was ultimately implied that the abyss referred to by the dwarfs was actually referring to the helmet of terror.
At the same time, it happened that the star of the Bull Head Monster and Theseus made the horror helmet.
The contents of the helmet, the characters in the novel, and many other things such as wires, tubes and parts, are created inside the helmet to pass the time.
Every character in the horror helmet was kidnapped.
Everyone woke up alone in a locked room with a maze outside the door and could not remember how he/she got there.
The labyrinth of Ugli666 is a mosaic on the floor of the Gothic cathedral.
She came down on her knees.
The two cannons of the cathedral explained to UGLI 666 that the maze showed the Christian path, \"simple and straight, like an arrow.
Twists and turns and death-
The end of the maze symbolizes sin, in which the fallen souls wander and are lost in despair \"(Pelevin 135).
As commented by critic Arthur Asa Berg, the labyrinth of the Church leads to a central area that represents God (103).
Single path maze and multi-path maze are single path maze. The design of single path maze is more complicated and the path is more
The end, at the same time, means artistic order and confusion, as well as difficult progress from lost direction to consciousness and understanding (Aarseth 6).
The Saints present the floor plan of the other mazes on the walls and pillars of the UGLI 666 Cathedral.
There is an endless maze, such as the abyss of the Church of Saint Maradi --
Trastavera in Rome, and a shorter maze, such as the maze of the Poitiers Cathedral, shaped like the tree of life, is a maze from the Church of Agu, the first known early Christianityfourthcentury)
, And the maze on the walls and pillars of the church, people can track the road with their fingers.
With the decline of faith, the place of pilgrimage was transferred to monasteries and monasteries, becoming shorter and easier.
A maze that represents spiritual rebirth;
The hero passed the threshold of self
Destruction is only rebirth (
Campbell, hero of thousands [Hero]91).
It reminds people of the Cretan tradition of killing people on a regular basis to restore the power of the monarch (
Campbell, the mask of God: the original myth [
Primitive myth428, 427)
This is reflected in the myth of the repeated killing of the bullhead through court sacrifice.
The character Romeo. y-
Cohiba has a replica of the Hampton Court Maze, the oldest existing hedge maze in the UK, built in the late 16 th century, while IsoldA has a replica of the maze in the garden of Versailles
Nine groups of hydraulic statues, representing the Aesop fable built in the 1700 s.
Isola believes that, despite the complexity of the maze, it is impossible to find her maze.
However, in the case of IsoldA, this is because there is a plan in every place of the path branch.
There are a few Monstradamus ~meters-
Long Corridor at the end of ablank concrete wall.
As Monstradamus said, there is a frustrating graffiti with a huge seal on the wall.
Graffiti looks like a single-door maze centered on Roman numerals VII with endless strings of symbols in a spiral arrangement.
Roman figures not only refer to the seven girls and seven boys who are periodically sent to Crete, but also remind us that there are eight and seven stolen characters in the horror helmet and the \"celestial complex.
\"At the end of the mastrada Mas maze, there was a stool on the wall next to the table, and a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and a pistol with bullets on the table.
It almost feels like the monstradam was forced to commit suicide when the court sacrifice was swallowed up by the bullhead.
O what he means is an asterisk, he becomes a bull head monster when he is wearing a horrible helmet.
The word \"mushroom\" has the meaning of the ushroom, and the Berserker eats in the mad rage and mushroom Wonderland, which may make it smaller or larger for anyone who eats it.
Therefore, this shows that moderators are also intoxicated and manipulating characters while modifying what they type on the chat thread.
It can be seen from the first page of the novel that free choice is a myth because the characters are manipulated.
People have hinted more than once that the character may have put on a horror helmet, a VR helmet.
For example, at the end of her second dream, Ariadne saw a mirror on the wall, walked over and looked at it.
At first she saw herself wearing a straw hat with a thick layer of lace on it.
Then she suddenly realized that she was actually wearing a bronze mask, a horrible helmet.
This awareness scared her and made her wake up from her dream.
Nuscracker, a computer game developer, explains that people wearing virtual reality helmets are called Helmholtz.
Helmholtz mhoz is located in an artificial dimension completely isolated from the real world.
They were led to make all the necessary decisions.
At the same time, Helmholtz mhoz believes they have not been affected in any way.
Once the helmet and Helmholtz mhoz \"blend into one whole, you can edit the reader and the book \"(Pelevin 99).
So Monstradamus is worried that they will not be able to take off the helmet in the end.
If the book and the maze are the same as the suggestions introduced by inPelevin, then our readers are also being manipulated.
In the same way, Berger believes that our future is based on the choices we make and are forced to make. 104).
Nutscracker explains that it is possible to manipulate completely but unrecognizable by the use of forced orientation; infrasonics;
Visual blur, Ripple, buzzing, electric shock and other conditional reflection editing;
An electrode, a means of medicine, or a brain into a delta rhythm to stimulate the center of pleasure (
Pelevin 103,105).
For a few examples, each character sees a rainbow --
The moment Ariadne wakes up and starts writing on her line head, there are colored lights on his/her wall.
This requires the characters in the play to be guided by Ariadne and believe in their dreams.
Ariadne knows how to turn right in the maze of her dreams.
Isolda felt happy walking through the maze. Romeo-y-
Cohiba was excited, and even when the door was forcibly opened on his wall, his temple was hit. Romeo-y-
Cohiba and IsoldA feel that it takes a lot of effort to think about anything but each other.
No matter which lap wayUGLI 666 turned while walking through the maze, she could see the cross above the altar with a ray of sunshine falling on it.
As the Nutscracker shows, if the helmet simulates everything, then it becomes the life itself, not just the helmet or the simulation.
The horror helmet not only stimulates, but also creates everything and everyone.
In the \"simulated Jin\", Baudrillard pointed out that what we call real is produced by micro-cells, matrices and memory banks, control models, and can be repeated countless times. 2).
To put it properly, any part of the horror helmet, the Mirror of tarkski, is named after Andre tarkski\'s Mirror (1975).
Tarkovski\'s film is a collage of contemporary life, dreams and childhood memories of the upcoming dead protagonist.
The film is also similar to the split maze in the helmet.
The separation maze is a Crete coin with a schematic diagram of the maze.
The outflow of impressions is now in this separation maze.
Therefore, it is the most important part of the helmet.
It produces everything. -
Including asterisks, which are special and bullheaded.
As for Tarkovski\'s mirror, it is \"a small mirror of Blur\"
A mirror set at a 40-degree angle between the future area and the current grid \"(Pelevin 85).
This precise alignment of the mirror assist gives the illusion of progress/future.
It reflects the bubbles of the past, and they look further than the actual ones.
It was also stressed that there was nothing in the helmet but the foam of the past, because the foam of the past occupied it and there was no other space.
The foam of the past is split into the past, present and future in the helmet.
This means that the present and future are only copies of the past.
In the words of Nutscracker ,\"[t]
The future comes from the past. Pelevin 156).
The separation maze has not changed for thousands of years, and it has produced the present and the future from the past, echoing an idea that everything is an acceptance and retelling of a limited number of myths.
Repeated killings of characters in the bullhead and horror helmet, and repeated killings of victims by the bullhead in the \"God complex\", once again emphasizing all our history, progress, and/or civilization is only a repetition, acceptance, retelling, and appropriation of the same myth.
The story of each myth is actually part of the myth, copying and retelling again and again (cf.
Warner 9, atbury 198).
Every new story is a maze of paths and twists that create the illusion of choice and progress.
It\'s actually a long single line with a door, like the countless mazes in the horror helmet, the Rubik\'s Cube --
Like the design of the space prison, the vortex of space and time in the \"God Complex.
\"In a horrible helmet, the person wearing the helmet may be destined to experience the same myth in a disgusting way.
Nevertheless, in the complex of God, by killing the bull head, the doctor not only saved his companion, but also liberated himself.
This article is a revised and extended version of a paper published at the Colchester translation myth conference in the UK, 2013.
I would like to thank Janet Brennan Croft and the anonymous referee for their most helpful suggestions and comments.
I would also like to thank the University of Istanbul for the financial support provided by the science research program coordination unit.
Project number UDP-31721.
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Buket akgun is an assistant professor of English at IstanbulUniversity, where she teaches courses on Chaucer, fantasy novels, myths, visual narratives, witches and magic.
She contributed a chapter to \"the language of the Doctor of the mystery\": From Shakespeare to the language of foreigners. (1)
As mentioned above, the bull head monster in the \"God complex\" is actually a distant cousin of an alien species called \"Nimon\", for the first time in the fourth doctoral series \"The Horn Of Nimon\"\"Minotaur\";
\"Corner of Nimon \").
However, I will call him the bull head for convenience.
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