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Show: rachel maddow SHOWDate: Guest on June 29, 2016: Nancy Northup rachel maddow, MSNBC anchor: Thank you for watching us.
For the next hour, we have a few exclusive shows to air tonight that you can\'t hear anywhere else.
First of all, tonight we have a special report on the new Rachel Mado show in Flint, Michigan.
If you want to know how Flint did it after the huge scrum of media attention, a few months ago, when the country was temporarily replaced by that city, they got --
Poisoned by the Michigan government.
Now we\'re back in Flint.
In our special report tonight, you will see what has happened there in the past few months, and what is happening there now will surprise you.
It\'s coming tonight.
We also have special brands.
Figures for the new people in the presidential campaign, data that no one else has.
We made our debut here, and tonight\'s press conference was very hot.
Now, you may have seen yesterday\'s poll Group, PPP, public policy polls, with a bunch of new polls in swing states.
Their Swing State Poll released last night showed that Donald Trump looked basically bad.
I mean, these are the polls that PPP released last night.
They surveyed six swing states in Arizona, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Of the six swing states, five were Hillary Clinton who defeated Donald Trump ).
Only in Arizona did they find a clue to Trump.
Last night\'s PPP poll in Arizona showed Trump\'s popularity in Arizona rose by four percentage points.
But that\'s good news for Clinton.
It is reasonable to say that Arizona should not be considered a swing state.
President Obama lost Arizona twice, nine points each time.
This is a very red state in presidential politics.
So Hillary Clinton is four people behind in Arizona, while she is also leading in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, which is very good for Democrats now.
So the PPP swing state poll came out last night.
You may have seen these things when they came out last night.
But PPP has also done a new national poll in the presidential campaign, and we are now doing it exclusively and we are about to make our debut.
You don\'t see these numbers anywhere else.
These new national data from PPP is OK for Hillary Clinton, but not so good.
Across the country, when they ask, in general, if the presidential election is today, will you vote for the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, what is the most important result?
Across the country, the most important result is that Hillary Clinton is 45 points ahead of the most important route. 44.
But if you make things a little more complicated, if you add some small party candidate options from the free will party and the Green Party, then Clinton\'s lead will rise from 1 point
She led him 45-
As long as the Liberal and Green Party candidates are included.
So, from the big picture, any lead is better than no.
But if you include Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, then this small lead, one point to the head, four points, is such a small lead that could make the Clinton camp
So, we\'re releasing this data again now, and this is the first time we \'ve made it public.
This evening, the new data from the national poll will be compared to another poll published a few hours ago.
Fox News has a poll tonight. to-
The polls for Hillary Clinton are better.
She is six points ahead of Donald Trump.
One great thing here, though, is to look at the PPP poll data for the first time, as we did tonight.
The word is wrong because PPP is a bit odd.
Out of the box, this is the right phrase.
They are not afraid to think outside the box.
That\'s what we said.
PPP is a polling company, and even if no other pollsters want to go there, it is likely to ask questions that real people really talk about and worry about, if strange.
For example, I know some Republicans who patiently explained to me in recent weeks and months that yes, their party nominated Donald Trump as their presidential candidate this year, this is crazy.
A lot of Republicans say to me, what do you expect?
American voters were driven crazy by Barack Obama\'s eight-year tenure.
What do you want us to do?
Interestingly, in my own life, I have had a similar conversation with Republicans, not just in recent months and weeks, but even in recent days.
Well, PPP, they did raise the issue in this new national poll.
So, okay, leave Hillary Clinton out.
Is it true, frankly, that the entire mess of Donald Trump that Republicans are involved in? It\'s all Obama\'s fault.
In fact, is Barack Obama, as president, pushing voters to Donald Trump )?
Well, you don\'t have to worry about it, and you don\'t have to discuss it without facts between friends, because now PPP has raised the issue.
Quote, \"Who would you prefer Barack Obama or Donald Trump to be?
As a result-Barack Obama was elected by a narrow margin.
Barack Obama 9 points
So be aware of all my Republican friends, you can blame President Obama for a lot of things, you can\'t blame him for Donald Trump.
America wants Barack Obama more than Donald Trump.
Only Republican primary voters believe that of the 0. 3 billion Americans, this person is the person they want to be the next president of the United States.
Republican, it\'s not Obama\'s fault, it\'s your fault.
Of course, in this year\'s election, it will not be Obama vs. Trump.
Hillary • Clinton (Hillary Clinton) will against Donald • Trump (Donald Trump ).
In the Clinton and Trump games
Although the two candidates look different, there is indeed a common challenge in the Trump and Clinton campaigns.
The new data we received exclusively from PPP tonight is very clear about this challenge.
This is basically the case-whether it\'s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, most Americans are very dissapointed about the two candidates.
In the new poll, the percentage of voters across the country who had a bad opinion on Donald Trump was 58%.
Hillary Clinton\'s approval rating is 54%.
It can be frustrating when unfavorable numbers are so bad for both candidates, but you know, it\'s another matter.
Because when you get the cash, the cumulative bonus voting data like this.
This is amazing.
Are you ready to accept what I think is the biggest voting issue in the 2016 campaign? Are you ready?
I will read it to you word by word.
That is exactly the way it is required-how it is required that we conduct a national registered voter vote here for the first time tonight. Are you ready? Here it is.
I quote directly.
If the presidential candidate is Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, or a huge meteor that hits the planet, which one would you choose?
In this case, the percentage of Americans who chose Hillary Clinton was 43%.
Those who choose Trump, 38%, but the proportion of Americans who want a huge meteor to hit any of the two meteors is 13%, this may mean that the Libertarian Party should push a huge meteor to Earth as their candidate this year, as that huge meteor rushing to Earth is likely to be more likely to enter the Earth election debate than Gary Johnson.
The number 13 is really good.
It takes only 15 minutes to participate in the debate.
However, my favorite part of this question is actually the last part of this result.
7% of Americans said that given Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or the choice of a giant meteor that struck the Earth, 7% said they were not sure about them. (LAUGHTER)
Who doesn\'t know a huge meteor hitting the Earth?
Do you need to know more about the features of the giant meteor?
Do you need to know where it will hit?
Do you need to know if the NRA recognizes the meteor? Is it pro-choice?
7% of Americans say they are just not prepared to call between a meteor and any candidate.
You know, this is probably a good piece of art that we got from opinion polls about the real cheating effect of this year\'s remarkable presidential election.
So far at least.
Today, Hillary Clinton held events and fundraising events in blue state, California.
Her Republican rival, Donald Trump, is also in a blue state, where he is in Massachusetts this afternoon. He did a fund-
Raiser of Boston, Boston people are not satisfied with this.
His Boston fund.
Ryser, Donald Trump went further north into another blue state, where Barack Obama won 18 for the first time and 15 for the next time.
Donald Trump\'s Boston fund
Lyser went to Maine. That\'s how he was introduced. (
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Unidentified male: What crowd is this.
I think it\'s bigger than the Republican convention a few months ago.
I heard Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are running. (BOOS)
You know Elizabeth Warren, right? (DOING WAR CRY)(END VIDEO CLIP)
This is a right-
The Wing radio host introduced Donald Trump\'s event today in Bangor, Maine.
Just in case someone wants to know how the Trump campaign is doing throughout the game plan.
The guy who cried in the dry war made fun of Native Americans and then introduced the great Republican governor of Maine, who claimed that one of the biggest problems in Maine was black drug dealers from outside the state, pregnant a white girl from Maine, probably the most famous in the country. (
Start Video Editing)GOV. PAUL LEPAGE (R)
Maine: The man named D-
Money, smoothies, cunning, people from Connecticut, New York, come here, sell heroin, and go home.
By the way, half the time, they got a young white girl pregnant before leaving.
I don\'t talk about women in Maine, but about white women.
If you go, I won\'t apologize to the women in Maine for that.
Because if you go to Maine, you will find that we are actually 95% white people.
If you want it to be racist, go ahead.
Do what you want
I had to yell at black dealers coming in and doing what they were doing to our state. (END VIDEO CLIP)
McDo: That\'s the Republican governor of Maine, Paul lepedge, who appeared in Maine today with Donald Trump, who apparently sees himself as a similar to Donald Trump. (
Start Video Editing)
LEPAGE: Thank you.
It is a great honor and humility to be here today to introduce and introduce you to the next president of the United States, Donald Trump.
Many people say we are very similar.
He\'s a little shy, but I\'m working on him. (LAUGHTER)DONALD TRUMP (R)
The presumptive presidential nominee: what group. What a group. So beautiful.
See so beautiful. I`ll tell you.
See so beautiful.
I want to thank our governor because our Governor-I call him our Governor-because he is a great, great man.
Respected all over the country, we really like it, thank you, Paul. (End Video Clip)
MADDOW: Regarding the respectable things around the country, we have some other things tonight that you can\'t see anywhere else.
It took us months to get this, but we finally did it.
Paul lepedge is actually one of the country\'s most unpopular governors.
By the summer of last year, the situation in Maine, especially during his tenure as governor, and his various misdemeanor and offensive behaviour, has become tense enough that someone talked about impeaching him last summer.
In the impeachment scrum about Paul LePage, he decided, you know, you know, if you want me to go, don\'t mind your impeachment, I\'m gone(
Start audio clips)
I will do the job if the people in Maine want me.
If they don\'t want me, just let me go. You don\'t have to impeach me.
Host: Well, a woman wrote you a note to let you resign.
LEPAGE: Well, there\'s one.
There are 3 million people.
Only four of me have written to me so far, asking me to resign. (END AUDIO CLIP)
Four people wrote to me.
It was last summer.
Governor Paul LePage said, \"If people in Maine want me to leave, you don\'t have to impeach me if they don\'t want me to leave.
Only four people wrote to him and asked him to resign, he said.
If people in Maine want me to go, don\'t-you don\'t have to impeach me.
Write me and I\'m gone.
Well, we made a request for the Freedom of Information Act to see if anyone in Maine accepted his offer.
Ask a simple question, right?
Has the governor received more letters than the four, asking him to resign, when he publicly said that if enough mainstream people told him that he should resign, he would resign?
Paul lepedge\'s office took nine months to answer the question for us.
We were a little angry.
Nine months, right?
How hard is this to answer, right?
The governor said it was a simple matter.
He invited letters from voters.
We just wanted to know how many people sent him a letter.
How hard is this?
All you need to do is count what you already have in your office.
Why is it so long?
I\'m here to tell you.
We finally got the letter and several people did write it to him.
So now, we know why it\'s been so long.
It turned out to be just a letter that was received in the first month, after Paul LePage asked the people of Maine to write to tell him if they wanted him to resign.
According to our statistics, just in the first month, more than 1,800 people actually took part-do you want me to continue?
I did take the time to write to him and ask him to resign.
The first month after he asked.
We don\'t even have the letter we received in the first month.
This is the first month to come in.
This is very interesting.
Through them, they are letters from the heart, polite letters.
There are a few rude letters.
A lot of hands-Letter written
Most of them, however, are very short and polite. Here`s one.
Dear Governor, do we have this? There we go.
\"Dear Governor, please resign.
We just pixelated the signature.
This is a man who signed the name of a resident of the central coast of Maine.
This is another fairly typical example.
This is e-in. mail.
\"Dear Governor lepedge, you have asked the people of Maine to express their views on your resignation from the position of governor of the state.
My point is that it is very strong.
Thank you for allowing me to express my choice.
So, thank you, Freedom of Information Act.
Thank you, the people of Maine, in your epic tide, who are polite and not obscene when your governor asks you what you think.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may look at Maine Governor Paul lepedge and see a very good one
Dear Governor.
But you know what?
Take it with a grain of salt.
Take a Republican who thinks the place he needs to run for now is Maine.
There\'s a lot to do tonight. Stay with us. (
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MADDOW: Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey is open for business today.
Look at these pictures.
Today, NBC\'s Richard Engel took great photos at Ataturk Airport.
Just today, one day after a complex terrorist attack that killed 42 people and injured more than 230 others.
Today\'s attack left broken glass and bullet holes and bomb damage at the airport\'s international terminal.
But the owner who worked at that terminal, they came back to work today and opened the door.
They opened the door, cleaned it, and returned to the broken glass and bullet holes to help customers, one day after the airport\'s deadliest terrorist attack ever.
Today Ataturk is just a remarkable case study in terms of resilience.
A very basic, very human, very determined way of resilience.
More tonight. Stay with us. (
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MADDOW: the rest of the world did not vote in the US presidential election, but they did care.
The Pew Research Center has just released a survey from 15 other countries.
One thing they asked was America. S.
Presidential election.
They specifically asked if people were confident that President Donald Trump could handle world affairs.
The result is not beautiful.
In nearly half of the countries surveyed, Donald Trump conducted a single-digit poll to show confidence that he could handle world affairs.
The Greeks seem particularly suspicious for some reason.
Only 3% of Greeks think Donald Trump can do the job.
Our friends, Germans, and our friends, Australians, are suspicious.
One of the places, sir.
In fact, Trump\'s fare is the best in Canada.
In Canada, only 80% of Canadians have no confidence in Donald Trump\'s global leadership.
Globally, this is actually a pretty good job.
Our actual president held a one-day meeting today in Canada with the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico.
President Obama then became the first president of the United States. S.
President Reagan spoke at a joint meeting of the Canadian Parliament. (
Start Video Editing)
President Barack Obama: democracy is not easy. It`s hard.
Even at the best, it is difficult to achieve our ideals, which can be more difficult when the future seems uncertain.
Or, in response to legitimate fears and setbacks, some people make political claims that we are fighting against them.
A politics of using other people, immigrants, refugees, people who look different from us as scapegoat.
We must call this mindset what it is-a threat to the values we believe in, the values we seek to defend.
Because we respect all of us, the world is following our example. (END VIDEO CLIP)
President Obama spoke today at a joint session of the Canadian Parliament about \"you know who it is.
He did not mention Donald Trump\'s name, but he warned Trump of most of his remarks --esque politics.
Thanks to this new poll, we know how Canadians feel about you and how they feel about Donald Trump.
But as President Obama is welcomed in the Canadian Parliament today, their feelings about him seem clear. Watch this.
This is incredible. (
Start Video Editing)
Canadians and Americans, allies and friends.
Now and forever.
Thank you very much. (
Cheers and applause)(
The crowd who shouted \"four more years)(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: What you hear is the Canadian parliament shouting \"over four years, over four years\" to our president \".
It seems to be an extraordinary moment for President Obama to be very surprised today.
There\'s still a lot to do tonight. Stay with us. (
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MADDOW: So tonight, we do have some exclusive new coverage of stories that we \'ve been following for a long time.
This is the first time we have broken it across the country.
Since then, it has become a national story.
We will move this story forward tonight.
We\'re going to have a special report from Rachel Cherry tonight, and I think it\'s going to post some news on its own and satisfy your curiosity about what\'s going on in Flint, Michigan, for the last few months
Our special report is just ahead, please keep in touch with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Well, it\'s been five months since we went to Flint, Michigan, where we hosted our town hall event, talking directly to people who have experienced the man-made lead poisoning disaster in Flint, because of a terrible disaster, the reckless mistake made by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder\'s government was made by state employees who reported it directly to him.
At Flint, parents, grandmothers and grandfathers told us directly about the rash on their own and the rash they found on their children.
They are sure that these are caused by bad water because they have never had them before.
They told us about the daily physical work of finding drinking water for ourselves and our families.
It\'s still almost unbelievable, almost unreal
Cities the size of the United States have no drinking water.
Also, they still don\'t know how incredible it is today.
More than two years ago, the Snyder government poisoned the town and destroyed its pipes.
But in Flint, it just means they\'re in the third year of this disaster.
Flint\'s injury is very serious and the recovery is very, very slow.
This is the reality of this American city.
Poisoned in the hands of a government that is still in power today, in the richest country on Earth, the Snyder government is still in power, right?
But Americans living in Flint, Michigan still cannot drink water.
Their pipes have not been replaced yet.
But since we went to town hall five months ago, something has changed in Flint.
A few days ago, the federal Environmental Protection Agency announced that the water filter was installed on the faucet, and the Environmental Protection Agency said they did make it safe for everyone to drink.
There used to be a federal warning that everyone else could drink filtered water, but children and pregnant women should not.
The EPA said a few days ago that even children and pregnant women can drink water from Flint\'s tap if the water is properly filtered.
That\'s not what, you know.
Flint\'s ultimate goal is still to replace the pipes destroyed by Snyder\'s government, as these damaged pipes are the ones that dip lead into the water.
But at the same time, before this work is clearly politically impossible, if people can drink safely from the filtered taps at home, this will make Flint\'s daily life easier without taking every drop of water out of plastic every day.
But the instruction to use the filter, not just waving the wand, it happens.
Installing filters on every tap in every home and then making sure they are installed correctly is a serious logistical effort and making sure they use the filters correctly and change them on time.
The filter will not exist forever.
After you have been using them for a while, you have to replace them.
About 30,000 homes are occupied in Flynn King, and we\'re talking about thousands of filters, all of which need to be present, properly installed, properly used and replaced in a timely manner indefinitely.
Flint\'s health now depends on a large and complex house. to-
House, faucet to undertake the faucet.
As we often see in Flint, it is the people of Flint who have undertaken this enormous task themselves. God bless them.
Over the weekend, some local volunteers took our producer, Kaitlyn Tiney, with them to see how this House with hard housework is now trying to save this toxic town. (
Start Video Editing)
Volunteer Wendell Thompson: we are nearby and make sure everyone has filters and taps.
RESIDENT: I don\'t.
Thompson: you don\'t have a filter?
I mean filter?
Resident: Yes? FRANKLIN D.
Flint resident Jackson: You know, they said on the news last night that you have a filter that you can start drinking that water and I know they\'re lying.
You can\'t drink that water so fast. (LAUGHTER)
Bob brown, BOB community partner: We have been doing Kool for over a year-
Help our son and his friends, make coffee and cook with it.
So there\'s no way back.
Thompson: So when you want the cold water to flow through it, you turn it off like this when you get the green light.
So all you need is a replacement filter?
Resident: Yes.
Thompson: if it is turned and let it turn, is the light already red? RESIDENT: Yes.
Thompson: You have to change the filter when the light turns red.
Resident: Oh, okay.
Unidentified male: I use bottled water when I make potatoes or noodles and I use bottled water.
Sandra Jones of Flint\'s Great Temple: two years ago, they told us that water was safe when they turned from Detroit water to Flynn water.
So the degree of trust does not exist.
Did I see this change? No.
How do I know?
Because every day of our church, we offer at least £ 150 to £ 500 a day service and some cars.
Brown: it dropped to zero when we tested it.
So even knowing this, it\'s hard to turn on the tap for a drink because we \'ve been poisoned for a long time.
Jones: The trust fund will not be there unless we see the pipes dug up, the House replaced and the water heater in the House replaced.
Trust will come back when we see this, but until then.
Until we stopped to see a theatrical show where someone came in for a glass of water. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Trust comes back when they change pipes and water heaters, not these dramatic things.
She meant, first of all, Governor Rick Snyder, at home and in the office, and then President Obama last month, to drag Flint\'s kettle away for a drink, and when he went there in person to visit, had a glass of Flynn water.
Even though the lives of thousands of families in Flint are still drinking only one bottle of water at a time.
You hear a group of people say that they don\'t trust the water except to wash the dishes and maybe rinse the food off.
In some cases, they don\'t trust bathing.
They don\'t drink themselves.
They will not give their children.
They told us that they had been poisoned for so long, and that the authorities had told them that it was safe, and frankly, it is now understandable that they felt that they could not trust the water, nor can they trust what they are told about water.
Until the pipes are destroyed, put lead into the water until the pipes come out of the ground and new pipes replace them.
The good news for Flint is that the legislature is finally in the third year of the crisis, and they finally send Flint the actual money to dig and replace the first few thousand of the 9,000 or 10,000 pipes that may need to be replaced.
The bad news is that when the city asked the contractor to stop the work, the contractor\'s preliminary estimate was much higher than Flint expected.
Flint officials met with contractors again this week to try to get a better deal for the city.
They asked the contractor to submit a new bid by tomorrow.
Presumably, they are hoping for a more affordable bid.
As we were told at Flint this weekend, Flint\'s mayor, Karen Weaver, knew she had to get those pipes out of the ground.
If people want to trust their water again, she has to insert the new pipe into Flint.
It was a huge job, please forgive me, but she didn\'t get any help at all for stubborn rejections and excuses in that job --
State Councillors, governors, and Congress have made unforgivable, inexplicable, and infuriating delays to help complete this enormous work.
Yes, don\'t worry, do you?
The people of Flint did not impose this on themselves.
They did nothing wrong here.
Because of their own fault, they were poisoned by what the state government screwed up.
But it\'s basically on them.
Even now, Flint residents themselves have to go door-to-door to look for the elderly, after all they don\'t have water filters on their taps, telling people how to replace filters that have never been before.
Flint residents themselves still need to figure out if they have anything.
But it\'s basically on them.
Even now, Flint residents themselves have to go door-to-door to look for the elderly, after all they don\'t have water filters on their taps, telling people how to replace filters that have never been before.
Flint residents themselves still need to figure out if they can complete the pipe replacement.
Sorry, We poisoned you, Flint. Now you understand.
Ironically, Flint did not lose the water in the congressional office this week. C.
The lead test is a bit high.
Unlike what happened in Flint, toxic waste is high, but a little higher than recommended.
Congress staff are notified immediately that they will receive bottled water immediately.
A Florida congressman asked for an answer as soon as possible, an emergency. Right?
Well, yes, when the threat of irreversible neurotoxin hovers in your coffee cup, it does get your attention if you work for Congress.
Returning to the nation\'s concerns about the Flint crisis, the New York Times editorial asked the governor if he would not do anything to solve the problem, and then, to be honest, should send the corps of workers in.
Send engineers to dig Flint\'s water pipes and replace them.
When the work is done, send the bill to Michigan.
They did and they should pay for fixing it.
If they do not have the will to do so, the country will complete the matter and bring a bill to Michigan.
At the time, when the New York Times was editing this way, I think a lot of people thought the paper might be ahead.
May be a bit exaggerated.
But we are now the third year of the Flint lead poisoning crisis, the pipeline is still underground, and no one believes in a new commitment about filtered water, and donations of bottled water are drying up.
Local priests who have been dealing with water donations say their only solution is to get people to pray to get out of this predicament.
Since politicians can\'t solve this problem, maybe God can.
Bottled water is drying up.
Filter is not trusted by people.
Don\'t know when Flint will flow pure, safe water from the tap like other countries and they used to, and some families just got their first filter, countless others have installed them for the first time, or have been told for the first time that they need to change these filters in three years.
With the initial attention of the media, the whole country believed Flint had been saved, at least with the help of those doors --to-
Door-to-door bottled water.
Do you remember that it attracted the attention of the media a few months ago?
To be honest, the country has never been united to do so again.
All media across the country are watching the Flint crisis except for a week.
They set the door in front of the camera. to-
During the week in Flint, they never delivered the door again.
What happened in Flint was not Flint\'s fault.
What did their state government do to Flint.
Look at what Flint residents are fighting for themselves and what they are going through and how hard they are, and I will not let the people of Flint fix their own towns on their own.
But it has not been resolved yet.
No one sent a Corps of Engineers.
Sir, has anyone checked the filter for you?
Oh, don\'t you have a filter yet?
Just tonight, the local County Medical Association in Genesee County announced that, in fact, despite what the EPA said a few days ago, they felt that pregnant women and young children should not drink water, even if it was through a filter, whatever EPA says.
Local doctors are concerned that there is still Random lead floating from damaged pipes in Flint\'s water system that have not yet been replaced.
So they warn pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children at the prefecture level not to drink filtered water again, although the EPA has just said they can.
At the same time, the pipes are rotting underground until another summer.
I hope there\'s better news to cover Flint, but I don\'t.
Really annoying. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R)
Arizona: We don\'t agree on every issue.
This has been made clear in the primary.
We agree on more issues on which we disagree.
Reporter: Senator, when you talk about your support for Governor Bush, why is it difficult for you to use the word \"support?
I support Governor Bush.
I support Governor Bush.
I support Governor Bush.
I support Governor Bush.
I support Governor Bush. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: for some reason, when you add a little dance action to the political endorsement, it sometimes loses its impact.
You can see when politicians pretend to be friends, but they don\'t mean it.
Today, the parliament has fully demonstrated this vitality in a very dramatic way. That is ahead. Stay with us. (
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MADDOW: This week it was a constitutional year for the Supreme Court to rule against gay marriage in the country.
That was a year ago.
But over the past few days, the great Mississippi has finally felt the need to tell the court staff and the court staff that when they come in and get married, they do have to treat gays like they do with everyone else.
It will take a while.
Even after the ruling on what is the Constitution and what is not the national application of the Constitution.
Even a very clear state ruling would take some time to jump bombs across the country.
Laws that do not conform to the Constitution take some time to be challenged and overturned.
But inevitably, they will fall down in one state after another. Fall they must.
Even in Mississippi.
It took us a year to go through this process on civil rights, which will play a role in abortion rights.
Two days ago, the United States Supreme Court made it clear that the Republican legislature and the governor have implemented two benchmark measures over the past decade to stop abortion and close the clinic, these measures are clearly not constitutional.
In the last five years, more than 160 clinics have been closed in the red state of the country.
OK, it\'s intermittent from now on, but from now on, some of these laws are about to begin to decline.
Who fell first?
Which ones have gone or have already gone?
How will this develop from here?
Nancy Northup is joining us now.
She is the president and CEO of the reproductive rights center, which took the lead in making the ruling this week, leading to this landmark change in abortion rights jurisprudence.
Congratulate you, Nancy.
Thank you for coming.
Nancy nosipp, CEO and president of reproductive rights center: Thank you.
You-I think you are very satisfied with the ruling.
Do you know it\'s going to be this sweep?
Nosipp: We think it should be done because we think the facts are with us, the law is with us, but we have gone beyond the moon.
I mean, it was a complete victory.
It changed the trend.
It pushes back the hundreds of laws that we have seen that have passed.
These restrictions on abortion have been closing clinics.
So, you know, this is the first day of what you call a shift.
We want to make sure that these laws are not prohibited.
Apparently, the law in Texas was soon abolished.
What should we look for in terms of rhythm?
In terms of the fragile law or the law that is now clearly unenforceable, do you think of the first, the second, the third, and the timing?
Nosipp: Well, you know, we \'ve seen the effect now.
You know, Mississippi is trying to stop their laws, one of their TRAP laws, and they are trying to get the Supreme Court to review that. They said, no.
Same with Wisconsin.
The Supreme Court refused.
The Alabama attorney general has given up their abilities and their decision to try to defend the TRAP law there.
So, you have seen the action.
Many cases are taking place across the country.
I mean, we have a dozen cases right now.
We will go back to those courts and say, hey, this is the new ruling of the Supreme Court and you need to follow it.
We will be looking around the country to see what more we need to sue.
It\'s not just about bringing a lawsuit, because it\'s also about the public putting pressure on their elected officials.
They have now made a clear decision, through this strategy.
Health and safety laws are completely fake, you know.
They can-and, you know, even this year, the governor of the state of oclarah did not veto until a decision was made-did not sign the law passed by the state because of the pressure exerted, even if it was an-
Choose the governor of Oakland
So, it\'s important for us to appear in court, but for people to look at what\'s going on with their status and say, enough is enough, and that\'s also important.
MADDOW: part of the reason I brought up this fable --
Because I think the bar around these issues.
I think the gay legal advocacy group.
I think large and expensive law firms are willing to work for free and have their colleagues handle similar civil rights cases.
The bar on reproductive rights, the legal advocate in this area, if you are going to pursue it now-you will open a door, but you may need to file a lawsuit in dozens of states across the country and all of these different types of laws, and find out which TRAP laws are actually vulnerable to this ruling.
Well, at this point in time, what is the benefit of being on the edge of the Supreme Court, and fortunately we are saved from the edge again, and we are incredibly supported by private bars.
So, you know, there are 45 court lawyers association briefings, Friends of the court briefing, that bring the views into the court.
You know, most of them are submitted by major U. S. law firms.
So they are ready for the challenge.
They were excited as part of the case.
So we will have the ability to follow the laws of these states.
MADDOW: Nancy nosipp, President and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is the main promoter to achieve this in court this week-you really did, not only have you changed the jurisprudence on this issue, you have also completely changed the political trajectory on this issue for decades.
Nosipp: Thank you.
Mado: it\'s good to see you. Thanks.
Thank you.
We will be back soon. Stay with us. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
British Prime Minister David Cameron: First of all, may I thank the gentleman for his generous remarks?
As my right, dear friend said-Cameron: Of course I am with my honorable friend.
I know my dear friend will be very happy.
The honorable gentleman is absolutely right. (End Video Clip)
British Prime Minister David Cameron faces weekly prime minister questioning time in the House of Commons today.
As you can imagine, he has a few questions.
But it all looks very typical, very civilized.
And this happened. (
Start Video Editing)
Jeremy Corbin, leader of the British Labor Party: I thank the prime minister for his answer.
Last Thursday, Sir.
Speaker, is a rejection of the status quo.
A status quo that is clearly not achievable.
There are 13 now.
There are 5 million people living in poverty in Britain.
The Prime Minister has two months left.
Will he leave one? nation legacy?
Cameron: of course, I agree with the honorable gentleman that we need to do more to address policy issues.
We need to do more to spread our wealth and opportunities.
But pretending that last Thursday\'s vote was the result of the UK\'s economic situation is completely nonsense.
We must all reflect on our role in the referendum campaign.
I know the honorable gentleman said he put his back in.
What I want to say is that I don\'t want to see him when he doesn\'t work hard. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: things have escalated after Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbin urged the Prime Minister to apologize to British children and families living in poverty. (
Start Video Editing)
Cameron: relative poverty has fallen by 300,000 since 2010, and absolute poverty has halved since 2010.
Look, if he\'s looking for an excuse for his position with him on the referendum, frankly, he should go somewhere else and have a look.
I must say to the honorable gentleman that he spoke about work insecurity and I still have two months left.
It may be in my party\'s interest for him to sit there.
It\'s not in the national interest, I want to say, for God\'s sake, man, go ahead. (CHEERS)(END VIDEO CLIP)
David Cameron, the British prime minister, is on his own.
Last week, he announced his resignation after his leave. U. vote.
He then advanced his timetable for leaving on October to September.
Tomorrow we will find out which candidates have officially thrown their hats into the ring to replace him.
You know we need months to figure out who the potential nominee for one of our parties is.
They finished it in a day.
Cameron\'s Conservative Party is taking the nomination today.
At noon tomorrow British time, that is, 7: 00. m. Eastern Time.
Still, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has also been blamed for losing the UK\'s vote to leave the EU. More than two-
In just three days, thirty of his own team leaders resigned.
His party members in Parliament yesterday, like their leaders, had a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.
The vote was devastating, with 172 against him and 40 against him, allowing him to continue as Labor leader.
He may not go, though.
After that vote, he issued a statement saying, \"I am the leader of our party\'s democratic elections, and 60% of Labor members and supporters support a new politics.
I\'m not going to betray them because I quit.
\"His leadership team wanted him to leave, and his second commander asked him to resign, and the leaders of his country just yelled at him for the benefit of God.
He said he would not go.
But he said: \"I will not betray them because of resignation.
But what if they give him up?
At the end of today\'s Prime Minister\'s Question Time, David Cameron made the distinction. (
Start Video Editing)
Cameron: My party has never given me more support. I\'m leaving.
I have never seen the leader of the opposition who has less support and he will stay.
As you know, this is someone who is about to enter the political cemetery, and maybe I can quote my favorite band and say, let\'s meet at the gate of the cemetery. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: five points for Smith\'s reference.
I don\'t know how they did it when they asked questions. But at 7:00 a. m.
Tomorrow, we will know who is the candidate for the prime minister.
Look at this space.
That\'s what it is for us tonight.
See you tomorrow.
Now, it\'s time to say the last word to Lawrence O\'Donnell.
\"Lawrence, I\'m sorry I\'m in a new studio and I don\'t know where the clock is and I went later than usual. I`m very sorry.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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