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the ultimate do-it-yourself project: designing and building your dream home

by:Hoone      2020-04-02
Omid and Jennie Rokni, 38, live in a place in their 1970 sera center-
Hall colony of great Va falls.
And it is expected that major renovations will be carried out to make the house more conducive to their way of life, now including four children.
They are looking at a new kitchen and bathroom and may also dig out in the basement, and Jenny Rockney finds herself in a fun conversation about an unused tennis court.
\"This is a conversation with the mailbox of the former tennis court owner,\" she said . \".
\"We are talking about decoration. I said, \'it\'s too expensive;
We still want to build, but we haven\'t found much.
He said you can buy my excess if you like.
The seller and future buyers conducted an assessment to determine the fair market value of the unused court at $600,000 and reached an agreement.
Omid Rokni works in Neustar located in Va Sterling.
But also in real estate.
Jenny Rockney is a stayat-
Home moms are very interested in design, so the new home is a project to hone their design and architectural skills.
They hired an architect who admired his work, James McDonald of James MacDonald, an assistant architect firm at the Great Falls.
\"We had a big conversation about their tastes, family needs, and built a sense of transition inside and outside the farm,\" McDonald said . \".
\"We try to give the market a nice, fresh look in style that starts to produce a trend that tastes great.
\"Roknis\'s new home cleverly reflects the trend of the farmhouse, which has a large enclosed front porch supported by pillars, a cross-shapedgabled temple-
Style roof lines and dormers.
Connected garage in halfdisguised bump-out.
The facade is a mixture of cladding, including brick and cement wall panels
All painted white and offset by Blackframed windows.
It took the couple about a year to complete the design and licensing process and it took less than a year to build the house.
The family sold the nearby house, tried to time the market for the rally, and then moved into the rental house while the new house was under construction.
The design team made some unusual choices in the process, one of which was to not include the formal living room in the floor plan.
\"We don\'t want a traditional living room,\" said Jenny Rockney . \".
\"Instead, we wanted a bigger family room.
One of the interesting parts for me is to customize the floor plan for the way we live as a family instead of trying to make a floor plan for our family, when we buy someone else\'s house, we always do this.
McDonald\'s believes that the demise of the living room is another trend driven by the market.
\"There is no requirement for their demand and the market really doesn\'t need it,\" he said . \".
Other leisure living spaces use the space saved in the living room.
The front door leads to a central hall with stairs on the left and a window on the front that provides sunlight and a view of the backyard.
On the right is a formal restaurant that survived the floor plan.
The common area of the family and the master bedroom are equipped with Douglas fir artificial beams and are dyed in natural brown.
The ceiling of the family room is covered with tongueand-
A groove fir panel that would have been dyed brown.
The ceiling finish develops along this road.
\"Floor workers end up making the ceiling,\" says Jenny Rockney . \".
We can\'t find someone to do this.
It was done all day in California.
Because it\'s too dark, we painted Douglas fir White.
But the original plan was to get the ceiling dirty.
Family rooms include fireplaces and floors. to-
Ceiling windows in the backyard are visible.
The kitchen also has Beam handling including an island with an apron sink and seating for five people and another full set
Table size.
The combination of a rejuvenation pendant lighting device driven by an led illuminates this space.
The floors of the whole house are white oak and all the appliances are Thermador except the drawers --
A sharp microwave oven.
Custom Cabinet battle is Maple
The basic cabinet under the island has a dark painted front and a white upper and base around it.
The table top is also a mix of people --
Make white quartz on the island and polish the absolute black granite around it.
The cabinet is drawn with brushed brass finish. A sliding barn-
The stylish door with exposed black steel hardware in the kitchen hides a return to the old house
\"Keep the room.
\"Derived from the traditional house style, a storage room is designed to keep guests close to the warmth provided by the kitchen and fireplace, but away from the people who cook.
Roknis uses their storage room to make the kids happy.
The house has a full basement with a bar, another TV room and a golf room where Omid Rokni is swinging. The 7,800-square-
The foot home has six bedrooms, six full bathrooms and three and a halfbaths.
The mud room on the first floor is equipped with five small rooms to provide space for each child with coats, boots and backpacks.
Upstairs, the master bedroom also has a beam ceiling and plenty of closet space.
The main bathroom has a custom double vanity and is also made from painted maple trees.
The top of the dresser is synthetic quartz, and the tile is \"the first snow\" polished by Daltile \". The free-
Standing offers a separate bathtub, complete in function, but with sculptural elements.
The home is customized.
Designed and manufactured for residents, but building from scratch to save money never shows up on cards.
\"It\'s more about getting what we want,\" says Omid Rokni . \".
\"I also know it\'s a project for her.
Jenny Rockney loved the design process and thought she was lucky enough to pass gantlet even when she was pregnant with her fourth child at home.
\"Even with all the decisions --
About things like the grid outline of the window vertical frame, there may be only 300 decisions in the dressing room --
It is a blessing for us to do so.
\"Despite some unconventional floor plan options, Roknis does not intend to occupy their dream home forever and has learned a lesson in the process.
Omid Rokni is responsible for the budget and admits that he underestimates \"soft costs\" such as land engineering, construction, licensing, transportation costs and septic tank design \".
But even if the estimates are low, the couple thinks that if they have to sell out, they can harvest somewhere in the \"middle\"
Reach 2 million \"and come up with enough money to start the whole process over again.
\"We are passionate about the process and we are eager to do it again,\" said Jenny Rockney . \".
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