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this is why you may be seeing bags on your door knob

by:Hoone      2020-03-31
Wondering what this yellow or white bag did on your front door knob, a young man near you left it there for a very good reason.
If you see this bag on the door handle, it\'s because the scout needs your help to supply the local food bank.
Food is short and many families need food.
If you haven\'t got the bag recently, you can still come to the food bank to help with some food donations.
Many families in Somerset and Middlesex counties have difficulty feeding their children, while donations to local food banks have declined.
Mary Scannell, executive director of Somerset County Food Bank, warned that without your food donation, many poor children would go to bed hungry in our hometown.
To help, scouts and scouts will hold their annual \"find food\" food tour on Saturday, November.
Somerset County on Saturday, November.
In the County of Middlesex.
Scouts asked all residents to put donated perishable food in a bag at their doorstep by 9 in the morning, which could be clearly seen from the street. m. on the Nov. 4or Nov. 11.
If you have not received the collection package but would like to attend, please bring your food donation to any of the following websites: Somerset County Food BankBridgewater, New Jersey (
Midbrook junction Industrial Park)10AM -
November 5 Saturday two o\'clock P. M. or (732)560-
1813 for the new product of hoursFish company 456 RoadPiscataway, NJ 08854 phone (732)968-
The donation of 7925 hours of food to the project will go directly to the local food storage room, and also directly to the Somerset County Food Bank and fish in the Midlands county, both of which serve local food
Distributed from there to the poor and the poor.
Over the past 25 years, the food search program has been one of the biggest contributors to the food banking network.
In particular, canned foods such as vegetables, stews, beans, tuna are needed, as well as dry goods such as pasta, grains and rice.
Pet food will also be accepted.
People are asked not to give perishable or expired items or glass containers.
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