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this is why you should immediately stop taking your phone to the toilet

by:Hoone      2020-06-08
Taking your phone to the toilet seems like a harmless thing.
But it could eventually make you sick.
Wait for it as a harmful bacteria. . .
Transfer from your poo to your mouth.
What\'s worse, it\'s not just your bacteria.
An expert warned that the bacteria came from anyone sitting on the same porcelain throne.
Toilet seats, flush handles, toilet roll racks, and even the door to the cubicle or bathroom have bugs.
They struggle in any corner or gap.
You may be almost obsessed with hygiene when you go to lav, but can you really believe that everyone else is just as considerate?
Health doctor Lisa akley urges you to think about the journey of these bacteria.
Where are they, how will they jump on your phone and how they can infect you --
Violated your mouth.
With that in mind, her suggestion is to leave your phone behind.
She told The Sun that we picked up the bacteria by touching the surface of the compartment.
These can then be transferred directly to your phone.
And, even if you wash your hands, they will be transferred back to you.
Dr. Ackerley said: \"If you take your phone to the toilet, then there is a chance that you will be covered by bacteria.
\"In the toilet, there will be other people\'s bacteria in the seat, toilet flush handles or buttons and toilet roll racks, and doors in the compartment.
\"These bacteria include norlike virus and salmonella.
So you don\'t want those on your phone.
\"Frankly, bacteria go through toilet paper, so your hands are dirty after you finish the toilet, which is why you wash them afterwards.
\"So if your hands are dirty and contaminated with viruses or bacteria, you pick up your phone after using the toilet, then you will transfer your bacteria and any other bacteria picked up by your hand to your phone and return to your hands, even if you wash them later.
\"Then the bacteria can go straight into your mouth-by biting your nails or eating potato chips --
Or like making a sandwich, from your hand to the food.
\"They can also enter any surface of the phone.
\"So, if you share your phone with someone, then you may share all the bacteria you pick up from the toilet.
\"But if bringing your phone to the toilet is the only way you can sneak a peek at the information at work, or you really have to catch up on current events, then, there are ways to minimize the number of bacteria you will get infected.
Dr. akley said, \"Let me make it clear --
I do not advocate the use of mobile phones in the toilet, just be realistic about people\'s behavior.
\"Put the phone on the left hand side.
\"Don\'t touch anything else with your left hand.
\"Wipe your ass with your right hand, flush the toilet and touch the door handle.
\"Put your phone in your pocket or handbag with your left hand and wash your hands thoroughly.
\"If you are left-handed, you can take your phone with your right hand and make your left hand free for your work.
Norlike virus is one of the most common stomach problems in the UK, also known as \"winter vomiting \".
This is very unpleasant, but usually it will heal in a few days.
It is easy to spread in public places, and when a small piece of vomit or feces from an infected person enters the mouth of another person, it spreads.
While this may sound unlikely, it can happen-especially when you touch the contaminated surface and put your hand in your mouth, or if you eat contaminated food.
Symptoms include sudden discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea, and mild fever, headache, cramps, and pain in the limbs.
So if you want to avoid this disease, it\'s better to keep your phone away from the toilet compartment.
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