tom utley: after my sons left me stuck in the bathroom with a broken door knob, i realised these diy

tom utley: after my sons left me stuck in the bathroom with a broken door knob, i realised these diy dunces belong to generation hopeless

by:Hoone      2020-04-10
A week has passed since I got stuck in the bathroom after taking a shower in the morning, when the door handle in my hand fell down and the spindle fell to the floor on the other side.
I have tried various ways to achieve my escape but it is not good.
When my toothbrush handle is too thin, my Disposable Shaver is too thick to be used as an alternative spindle.
There was nothing else in the room that was suitable for the job.
Since my wife has long been away from work, the only thing is to work from one of our two residents-seeking sons.
In fact, this is my first time in this era and I am grateful to have these people in their twenties here, there is nothing more urgent than to save the trapped dad from the bathroom.
So, I was excited about their ridicule, I knocked on the door, called their names, and waited. . . and waited . . . and waited . . .
Eventually, the older one of the two got up.
Raised his eyes from his bed, re-inserted the falling spindle and released me.
My knight in shining armor (all right, T-
Shirts and sportswear
Then dragged back to his nest, humming the little song the children loved for years: \"Oh dear, what\'s Going On/three old ladies were locked in the toilet/they were there from Monday to Saturday/No one knew they were there.
\"I worry, first of all, filial piety is a commodity in short supply.
I wanted to call the boy back and ask him, ironically, if the internet-on his busy day --
While surfing, he may squeeze out a little time to reconnect the door handle firmly with one of the Allen keys in my toolbox.
But then I thought about it.
I may have to explain what Allen key is and show him how to insert it into the head of the door handle screw.
There is a train to catch. I don\'t have time to take DIY classes --
Also have no patience to face the expressions and groans of martyrdom I see whenever I ask our boys to do anything.
Then will he or his brother figure out how to solve the problem for himself?
After all, it\'s no more annoying for them to keep their hands off than their parents.
And they are not thick, but they are hardly rocket science screwed on the door handle.
Maybe I\'ll be back from the office that night.
We were late in my deal)
Found that one of them took the initiative to reconnect it. Fat chance!
But I should have known they \'d leave it to me.
Just like they often leave dirty dishes for her to wash after their mom has been working all day.
In fact, I have to face: the youngest of the four of us
A generation of hopeless membersthe under-
A survey this week found that 35-year-olds were confused about the simplest tasks at home.
In particular, almost every five countries have the confidence to acknowledge a lack of boiled eggs, while 21 are not sure how to replace the bulbs. (
Here I\'m going to write: \"No light bulb, my kids don\'t even know how to change socks!
But it will be a cruel and unfair gibe.
In fact, the young residents Utleys are surprisingly clean.
Or it\'s no surprise that their mom can always wash clothes. )
Other tasks make a generation more desperate.
According to a survey by Aviva insurance, more than a third country is not confident in reading the map and 35 cents cannot sew the button.
At the same time, 38 per cent of people don\'t know how to clear the sink, four out of ten people can\'t change baby diapers, 43% can\'t re-wire, and almost half can\'t drain the radiator.
As the perceived difficulty expanded, 47 per cent of people were not confident in checking the fuel level of the car, and 53 per cent said they did not know how to put it on the shelves.
Six out of ten did not change the tires, and 6/6 said they could not hang the wallpaper.
Finally, we found the DIY job that confused them the most: seven out of ten admitted not knowing how to replace the faucet washing machine
Up to no one knows how to install the tiles.
There, I think I am very incompetent in DIY.
However, compared with the following
At 35, I seem to be the real Sarah Bini of my sex.
OK, I \'ve never sewn buttons, I belong to 31 points in the survey and they say they have no confidence in cooking a full meal without a recipe.
If to tell the truth, I should also admit that my past efforts in ceramic tiles have not been fully successful, that some grout will break in the bathtub and that strange tiles will loose.
But with these exceptions, like most of my generation, I have completed every task on the Aviva list --
Not only satisfied myself, but even occasionally my wife.
Of course I am confident, not like 4 below 10
In the survey, I can complete each survey without consulting the Internet.
To be fair, there are good excuses for young people to lack some of the skills that our elderly have. Take map-reading.
In the days leading up to satellite navigation, we have to know how to do this, otherwise we will be almost permanently lost. The under-
On the other hand, 35-year-olds can always find out where they are and how to get to where they are going by looking at their smartphones.
The same is true for wiring plugs.
These days, almost all the appliances come with plugs from the store.
Usually you don\'t even need to turn them on and look inside them to replace the fuse.
When I grow up, the plug is separated from the lights, the TV, the fridge, etc, and we have to connect them ourselves.
BlameCars are also more reliable than my days.
When I was in my teens and 20 s, I spent a lot of time changing flat tires, checking the oil level and pushing
Start a car or use a jump
Winter Morning clues
Today\'s young people do not need these skills as we do.
When I am in a lot of relief, I should admit that I belong to the hopeless generation in terms of electronic devices and the Internet, and they belong to the genius generation. (
That said, when vinyl records are back in fashion and we bring our old turntable down from the attic, I do have a happy moment of technical advantage.
One of our teenage boys looked at it in surprise and asked, \"B-b-but . . .
How do you jump on Track 4? ’)
However, the main reason for the disappearance of old skills is --
Many of us can testify.
Young children spend much longer in the family.
When we build our own homes, those who can\'t afford professional help have to learn DIY quickly.
However, when mom and dad see the basic knowledge, why do young people today bother to learn? I know, I know.
For the basic skills that fail to teach us young, our parents must take a large part of the responsibility. (
Although I was relieved to learn that I was not the only one to be negligent, only 45 of Aviva\'s respondents said they were taught DIY by their father. )
Boys cannot rely on their father or Eastern Europeans forever.
So this Easter
Apparently the peak weekend of DIY.
I am determined to teach my sons how to screw the door handle in the bathroom and the door handle has been waiting for attention since I was trapped.
It always assumes that they have mastered the first lesson: how to get up.
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