top predictions for google’s annual io developers’ conference, from smart glasses to autonomous cars

top predictions for google’s annual i/o developers’ conference, from smart glasses to autonomous cars

by:Hoone      2020-06-16
What are Google\'s expectations for 2015 I/O?
Take a look at some ideas for the 2014 event. (FILES)
February 2, 2015 file photo showing US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx)R)
Eric Schmidt, Google chairman, self-driving on Google
Drive at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.
Google announced it in May 15, 2015.
Driving a prototype car ready to leave the test track and drive on a public road in California is a step forward in its autonomous car project.
The move came after Google tested the bubble internally --
Over the past year, more extensive experience in forming vehicles and technologies suitable for existing cars.
Justin Sullivan/GETTYIMAGES/AFP = for newspapers, Internet, telecom companies and TV only = source: afpits offers activities on the internet-
Smart glasses, smartwatch, online map and first Google
Smart phones.
Now Google\'s annual developer conference, Google I/O, is preparing to launch a new round of innovation in the early hours of Friday, when its executives will announce plans for the rest of 2015.
The most popular are customizable smartphones, brand new Android software and smartwatches, but there are also some fascinating long
When the Internet giant came to power at 2: 00, there may be a loss rate forecast. 30am.
Here are some Google
We can see y innovation this week. Big event . . .
Larry Page, Google\'s partner
The founder and CEO spoke in a keynote address at Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco. (
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
Source: forecast level: most likelyIT-
Call yourself. . .
Google\'s Ara mobile project will have modules such as cameras or lighters that can be slotted into metal frames and fixed in place through magnets.
Source: supply Google says its most ambitious smartphone startup is Ara.
The idea behind it is that users create and customize their own smartphones, pick from the modules to create their perfect phones.
Users can also exchange modules
Add or remove cameras, computer chips, or storage devices, for example-
With the introduction of new parts.
Google had previously said it would host the Ara project \"limited market pilot\" in 2015 to provide the right time for its disclosure plan.
A new generation of upcoming android ma. . .
Google\'s Nexus 9 tablet is one of the first tablets to feature Android 5.
0 Lollipop software.
Source: Google is almost guaranteed to reveal more about its next smartphone operating system.
Not only did the company launch new mobile software at each recent I/O event, but after the keynote, Android M was listed as the subject of the information conference.
According to reports, this mobile phone software contains a new fingerprint function, users can log in to the application without entering a password in the mobile phone.
Of course, this is only useful for Android phones with fingerprint scanners, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One Max.
Scuttlebutt also suggested that Google will change and unify Android notifications
For example, the ups you see on your laptop will not appear the first time on your Google tablet.
The company can also open one of its developers-
Add to normal user friendly, slightly adjusted.
This feature will enable the user to close some of the privacy permissions required by the app in the Android menu system.
However, it is unlikely that the software will be visually modified after several
The material design look of Android Lollipop is the theme of the theme developer conference.
A new smartwatch made earlier. . .
Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch made its debut at Google I/O last year.
Source: supplier 800-
This year, a pound gorilla appeared in the smart watch market.
This will be more than 1 million sales of Apple and its watches in the first six hours of the market.
Google, however, first released its smartwatch software, which could hit back with new hardware this year.
The company has released new features for existing Android
Smart watches including wi
Fi and emoji support, but expect to see new wrist gadgets from companies like Motorola, which launched its iconic Moto 360 at Google\'s event last year.
Fitness equipment may also be a new focus, based on several developer meetings at Google fitness.
Forecast level: PossibleGOOGLE GLASS 2.
For good or bad, internet glasses that caught our attention were pulled out of sales in January.
But Ivy Ross, the boss of Google Glass, said the new smart glasses will be cheaper, better-looking and provide better display, better sound quality, rather than giving up the category, with better battery life.
If it\'s ready or ready, Google I/O will at least be the place to show it.
Paid phone for ANDROID as credit card. . .
Marketing consultant Marianthi Livaditis uses her mobile phone to pay for coffee, groceries and other items.
Image Source: Australian news group apple Pay, Samsung Pay, seems to have a \"Pay\" day for every big company.
It could be Google on Friday because there are rumors that Google Wallet will be renamed Android Pay and new features will be added to its payment service.
It has been rumored that the company recently purchased a soft card dedicated to NFC payment technology for smartphones.
Senior vice president of Google products
The president of Sundar Pinchai, who plans to open an I/O keynote, told Mobile World Congress attendees that the company\'s payment technology will one day work with biometrics, further hinting at the importance of mobile phone fingerprint scanners.
Internet of Things Software (IoT)
This is highlighted again as big companies, including Samsung, promise to connect everyday devices to the Internet to make them smarter.
There are rumors that Google will enter the field with Android.
Operating system-based devices that do not usually have an internet connection. The ultra low-
According to a report in the information, power software will be called Brillo and can be added to everything from door lock to kettle using minimal RAM.
Level of prediction: the possibility of the outside is almost true. . .
Google Cardboard virtual reality browser.
Source: The Last virtual reality effort at Google was made of cardboard, but the next one could be more substantial.
Samsung has shown its strength to Gear VR, HTC has partnered with Valve to create Vive, and Microsoft has promised to release HoloLens soon.
Google has a \"credible\" meeting on its I/O timeline on exploring \"virtual reality and how it can change our lives\" and \"how to design a virtual reality experience.
This could be a hint of a bigger project. SELF-
Drive an automatic car. . .
US Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox (R)
Eric Schmidt, Google chairman, self-driving on Google
Drive at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.
Source: it is unlikely that Google will launch its own
Not driving a car at the moment, but the company will start real
The World Car Test this winter. These bubble-
After extensive testing on their own private tracks, the shape of the self-driving vehicle is slowly approaching road adaptability.
The car has a top speed of 40 km/h and a removable steering wheel for the brave.
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