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turning a condo solarium into a child\'s bedroom

by:Hoone      2020-06-22
Give the child a space to grow.
Serena and Lily bedding are fourand 40-year-olds alike.
Hi Sam, I have 800square-
One bedroom apartmentand a two-year old!
I need privacy.
I made a bedroom for my daughter in the solarium, not far from the living room.
I want to make it private from the living room (
Because there are glass sliding doors that separate the living room from the solarium).
We need new window treatments and we want to buy something that looks good, is cheap and will block the light.
One final challenge: I need to find a bed for my daughter because she can come out of her crib and I am at a loss.
Dear Colleen, thank you. you need the floor for sure. to-
Ceiling curtain panels cover sliding glass doors that separate the solarium and living room.
Avoid Children\'s patterns, stick to solid colors or adults-kid-
Friendly mode.
To cover the door completely, you need at least four panels.
To calculate how many panels you need, measure the width of the sliding doors and windows, and buy the panels with double width.
In addition, you will also need to sew the two panels together to make reversible curtains so that when you are in the living room you will not see the lining of your daughter\'s curtains.
You can be a child.
There are friendly patterns on one side of the solarium and solid linen on one side of the living room, but be sure to separate the curtains so you don\'t see the patterns of the little ones on sunny days.
Install the curtain rod as close to the ceiling of the solarium as possible.
Window care to keep the solarium simple.
Levelor has a soft roller tone in white and woven patterns that can be powered off
Line up to block the sun.
Hunter Douglas carries a roller sun visor that also provides ventilation and insulation.
The tone is worth investing in but not cheap.
When it comes to decoration, buy furniture and bedding that will grow up with your daughter.
Serena and Lily (serenaandlily. com)
Everything from baby to adult and furniture is available in a variety of bedding.
But I love that Serena and Lily have amazing decoration inspiration on their website.
In the above photo, the classic white headboard with nail detail is like a chameleon, working in a room decorated with Plaid, stripes, or flower language.
Yellow bedding can be paired with teddy bears or pillows for four peopleyear-old or a 40-year-old.
I secretly covet bedding (
But at my age, not without a teddy bear).
If you want to enlarge the color in your daughter\'s room, hang an artwork that echoes the color of the bedding and consider drawing a copy
Chair tracks like S & L decorators.
Send you the little-
Space issues with Asksampynn @ gmail.
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