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types of door handles

by:Hoone      2020-06-21
When you need the elegance and sophistication of the old doors, or in order to compliment the old style of the house, then you should consider buying some backboard lever handles.
These designs have a familiar slender outer cover, which can be used as both the thumb plate of the hand when using the door, and as an attractive decoration when the door is uncertain.
These features mean that they are very popular with homeowners and can add elements of traditional furniture style inside and outside the house.
Monet door handles these handles have a long back plate, about 180mm from one end to the other, and the door sticks out about 47mm from the plate.
The handle is gently bent with a slight upward lift at the end to give the user extra comfort.
Made from rose brass with brushed nickel, or physically deposited brass, or bright coffee-
Monet\'s door handle is made of colored metal with fixing screws and 7.
The 9mm spindle can simply push the door.
For users who want extra security, the Monet handle can be purchased with a lock at the bottom of the plate.
You can then connect this lock to 3-
The lever door lock is also available in this range and provides security when used in the outer door of the home.
Nimbus Door HandlesThe Nimbus is a completely different style from Monet, which is the most clear on the handle, the design of the handle is quite like a hair brush, there is a large extension shaft, attached to the main shaft inside the door and then designed to be the round lever used to open the door.
This rounded edge is covered with metal of different colors and is designed to show different stages of the design.
The carefully crafted lever ensures maximum comfort for the user.
This design appears in the brush nickel color with polished chrome edges.
Storm door handles while storm door handles can be described as trying to mix and match the first two options, it does stand out in itself.
The very long back plate is 185mm, 50mm longer than the length of the lever handle (which is 127mm).
The handle itself is a bit bent, though not notable enough, but it is a separate handle length, just like Monet.
It features a different color of metal on the palm board, as shown by Nimbus, which makes it an ideal match for a more modern house.
Storm door handles also have a lockable back panel, which matches the door handle lock again in the same style.
When you are looking for a door handle with an extra back panel, you need to consider the different styles and traditions in the door handle design.
The back panel is a very traditional feature of the door that can be seen in most Victorian times
But this plate can also be adapted to more modern use, indicating that it is suitable for the times we live in.
If you have a traditional home then you may choose a more traditional back panel design but for living in New-
Building the house, the modern back panel function on the handle can satisfy the tradition they want without sacrificing style.
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