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types of hardware components for commercial doors

by:Hoone      2020-06-17
A smooth and elegant security system is a must for commercial buildings.Door is an important aspect of commercial building safety guarantee system.Ozone brings high quality building glass door fittings and safety solutions to all commercial door needs.
For the convenience of the choice of the hardware of the commercial door, it is divided into the following parts: 1.Hydraulic patch: hydraulic patch is a revolutionary product of ozoneNo need to cut or dig the floor and install a convenient hydraulic system.2.Floor spring: floor spring for heavy commercial doors.
A series of tested and certified floor springs are treated with ozone.These floor Springs feature features such as fire prevention, adjustable power, back inspection options, and delayed action options.This series includes concealed floor springs, floor springs for doors, beams and accessories.
Lever handle: the ozone range of the lever handle is solid cast, and the tubular handle designed for wooden doors ensures durability, low maintenance and beauty.The series includes D-type handle, pin handle, L-shaped handle, pull handle, etc.4.Closing: The closing or the door controller allows for a smooth closing.
The door is closer to include the attachment of the elevated door closer, the concealed door closer and the door closer.These closer doors feature features such as fire prevention, adjustable power, rear check options, and delayed action options.These products meet the requirements of closing the door.
Emergency exit door accessories: Emergency exit can provide special exit in case of emergency such as fire.Ozone provides accessories for maximum reliability and reliability for emergency exit doors.These accessories include panic strips that extend with the width of the door, allowing emergency exits to be fast.
Door locks and accessories: Ozone offers a large number of door locks, including handles with locks, glass door locks, magnetic rod impact locks, American locks, patch locks.Door lock accessories include PIN lock body, pin lock core, door lock and plug.7.Hinge: Choose a versatile commercial door hinge from ozone.
This category includes partition hinges, hydraulic hinges, and ball bearing hinges.These are some of the basic hardware components of the commercial door.According to your requirements, choose the right commercial door hardware for your location from the ozone series building hardware accessories.
Ozone meets the building hardware requirements as a prerequisite for commercial doors
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