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unique chest is a 200-year-old tool box

by:Hoone      2020-04-04
Q: Two years ago, I bought the box at an auction for $135, including some very unusual items from overseas properties.
It is very heavy, with a length of 91 centimeters and a height of 59 centimeters. It has a brass-
The front is inlaid and decorated with heavy brass handles on both ends.
Inside the lid has a background of green felt material with a mirror in the middle and a silk flower underneath the glass inside the engraved frame.
There are a lot of storage areas in the chest, and when you leave one of them, you will find a hidden compartment. Jo-
This is a rare and unique piece that I have never seen so strange.
I think you have a well-crafted toolbox that is most likely made by an apprentice.
I suspect that this is his last assignment as an apprentice to prove the skills he acquired.
This is a common way to evaluate talent.
The business toolbox is simple and has a lot of compartments, but there is no engraving of covers and inlays like this box.
The date of your European toolbox is about 1800.
By 1865, almost everyone has a Toolbox: A machinist\'s toolbox may have up to 128 tools, weighing more than 106;
A Gentleman\'s toolbox has about 80 tools and even a lady garden box with 21 tools.
A delicate box like this is hard to find, and I\'ll reach out my neck and say it\'s worth $2,500.
Q: I received this cream and sugar bowl from my aunt and she said it was a wedding present for her parents who got married in St. John, New Jersey on 1905B.
My grandfather is a fisherman in N. B.
Their family is not rich, so I don\'t think these things are of great value in their time, but I\'m curious about their origins.
Brenda, Diep, N. B.
This is actually a milk and sugar plate, not a milk and sugar plate.
Guess, the spoon is used.
This beautiful Ruguang Green pressed glass was manufactured by Northwood Glass factory between 1910 Pennsylvania in 1900.
This pattern called Shell also has other colors.
Your part may be part of the breakfast which includes a butter plate and a covered Sugar Bowl.
The new price of the package will not exceed $1.
Today, the portion of your Creamer and spooner is worth about $175.
Q: This charming Kaishi device is made by C. B.
Birch, about 1866, is named Diana and deer.
It is 51 centimeters high, with a nymph and two venerated deer.
It entered my territory from my grandparents through my mother\'s estate.
I remember sitting in my grandmother\'s living room on a round mahogany table as the center.
Marg, OttawaA: Parian ware is very popular in Victorian times and is an affordable art for ordinary families.
It was launched in the UK in 1844 and promoted by big companies like Minton and Copeland.
It is a creamy white translucent porcelain with matte finish and is made in imitation of marble.
This special statue is also known as the wood fairy.
In 1863, artist Charles Birch received a £ 600 Award from the London Art Union, which promotes art by selling raffle tickets for art including sculpture.
It\'s a big, impressive piece, and while Parian is not yet a hit seller, it\'s still worth $750.
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